“We are not related to Russia”

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We are not related to Russia
You see, if we speak in an adequate language, there are different people in any society. Absolutely different. And these people, one way or another, are grouped together in some circles, some sections, some alliances or into political parties, or night racing clubs.

Friends, praise the universe. I greet everyone. My name is still Igor Vselensky. And today I want to dot some of the “ё” or the points of the “i”. Who like? And to tell some things that carry clarity, in general, what is happening. And this video is more addressed to people who are bombing. And I want to ask them: “why are you bombing? Why? What is the point?”

You see, if we speak in an adequate language, there are different people in any society. Absolutely different. And these people, one way or another, are grouped together in some circles, some sections, some alliances or into political parties, or night racing clubs. People are all different. And all that is the Universal religion is a small circle of interests. We gather people who think alike. That’s all. We are not campaigning, we are not persuading, and we are not knocking on your door, as Jehovah’s witnesses admit and convince you of nothing. We do not buy ads on this channel, we do not advertise the site, we do not buy any links, we do not buy ads on social networks.

This channel, it is made for supporters of the universal religion. If you are not a supporter of the universal religion, why go and see something here? And why are you bombing? What’s the point of this? This is the first thing I want to say, because many people come in and really bomb and I do not understand why. If you do not like it, just watch other things on the Internet. There are lots of interesting things that you can see. If you do not like what is happening here, then why are you coming here? This is the first thing I wanted to say.

The second. As you already understood, on March 2nd we will have a sermon in Kiev. And here I want to stop for more. I don’t understand why many people, entering the YOUTUBE channel, going to the site think that we live in Russia, conduct our business in Russia and generally have something to do with Russia. No matter what I say, people who live in Russia and come to believe that I have said about their politicians must come.

I have not said a word on the channel, so I haven’t said a word about Russian politics for all 4 years. He did not say a word. And here on the channel this is not dedicated to a single video, not a single sermon. I did not mention it anywhere. I do not understand why you think that the whole world revolves around Russia. The fact that I speak in Russian, well, half the world speaks in Russian. We have nothing to do with Russia.

If you are interested, I do not live in Russia and nothing connects me with Russia. So that you understand where I am, and where Russia is, I will give you a simple example. When I read news from Russia today, I do not understand what it is about. I do not know these names, I do not know what it says, I do not know what incidents to talk about. And what’s more, I don’t want to know that. Russia and especially Russian software are not in the segment of my vital interests. I am absolutely not interested in what is happening there. I am absolutely not interested in what they say. I am absolutely not interested in the domestic life that occurs on that part of the land.

What would you understand, I lived a lot where, a lot in which cities and a lot in which countries. And before Kiev I lived in Finland, in Helsinki and Lahti, if anyone knows. I’m interested in this. This is in my interests. I’m interested in European countries. I’m interested in European values. I am interested in European life. I’m interested in the relationship of European people.

And I know the value of life, and I know the value of time. I don’t want to waste my time on things that I’m not interested in. I am absolutely not interested in what is happening in Russia. This does not apply to supporters. Now I will tell about it. I am not interested in political life. I am not interested in everyday life. I am not interested in the views of people on that part of the land. We do not touch, we do not climb there with its charter.

Now in Russia, perhaps, the most difficult time in its history. That’s all for all. Now is the most difficult time and it will be even more difficult. And as they say there are just not enough of us. No, we do not take part in this story. We are not going to climb there. And even more so by someone dialogue and persuade someone. I have absolutely nothing to associate with Russia, my whole life is absolutely in another steppe. I do not watch Russian films, I do not listen to practical Russian music. It is absolutely not interesting to me.

Latvia is much more interesting to me, Sweden is much more interesting to me, Finland is much more interesting to me and Ukraine is much more interesting to me. This is the vector that is more interesting to me.

Now, with regards to supporters of the Universal religion in Russia. Naturally our sermons, our audio podcasts, they occur in Russian. And therefore in Russia there are a lot of supporters of the Universal religion. Those people who need it. And you constantly ask: “when will there be meetings, when will there be sermons in Russia? When will we arrive?” Soon this will not be, because we have a certain plan. Here I will now stop in more detail.

We have a goal – to make a summer, well, you can say so, cottage for supporters of the Universal Religion. Make it first summer, then make it year-round. And we consulted with people who are ready to provide investments, who are ready to help everyone in this. And we have outlined a certain plan, how this can be realized, what needs to be done. And in this regard, until we do it, we will not be able to do other things for fun or meetings, some trips to other countries. That is, for us it is now important to make this plan. Perform all these steps. And one of the steps is a meeting on March 2 in Kiev.

That is, you see, there is a plan by which we will go. In this regard, while there are no meetings in Russia and sermons in Russia, any activity in Russia. Because it is now the most important thing in importance.

Now, what about channel YUOTUBE. Much to his regret comes the mass of people who do not like the ecumenical religion. And they are bombing. I want to ask you. Although you probably do not listen: “Do not bomb.” Seriously. This is not the thing that is worth bombing.

We have absolutely nothing to do with you. We have nothing to do with you, nor with your country, nor with your culture, nor with yours, if you want claps and so on. You live on your part of the dry as you want to live. I say this mainly to people from Russia who come and why they are bombing.

There is a part of sushi and people live on it. You. You have your own rules, you have your own laws, you have life concepts, you have your own view of the world. Please live, no one climbs to you. But we do not have to climb. Here is the ecumenical religion. For supporters of the universal religion, who chose the universal religion as a guide to their lives. And everything that happens on this channel is not my thoughts, it is not my blog, it is not my impressions. The Universe religion takes place on this channel.

So, to my great regret, we now have no means to follow our video player for the site. Otherwise, our site would have had its own video player, like those of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And through YOUTUBE there would not come a mass of people who are outraged with something. So unfortunately, well, tolerate us on YOUTUBE. We will save a little bit of money, we will make our video player and you will not see us at all. Seriously.

We are on YOUTUBE not to storm the trends. We are on YOUTUBE not to earn money. We are on YOUTUBE in order to embed our videos to our site. Moreover, that’s why we don’t buy advertising and don’t do the things that bloggers do to promote their channel. We do not promote your channel.

Here is the plan that we have, which we have outlined with the guys. Plan for the construction of a summer town, where all supporters of the Universal Religion can come. Here, in this regard, it does not have a point of 100,000 YOUTUBE subscribers or a popular channel on YOUTUBE. There is no such thing at all. Nothing depends on it at all. That is, you understand. YOUTUBE exists as long as we do not have the means to create our own player to embed video on the site. As soon as the funds will be we will do it. We will naturally leave YOUTUBE.

I actually wanted to record such a video for a long time, in order to explain some things, what we are doing. And for the first time I wanted to record it when I saw a comment under the video “It does not matter in which country you live.” It was a movie, the essence of which was that it does not matter in which country you live. No matter what your government is. No matter what your laws. From this little that depends. More depends on you.

And there were a lot of comments about the situation in Russia. About what is happening in Russia. “Why did you say that, because in Novosibirsk we have this way” … This role was absolutely not about Russia. There were no videos of Russian television. There was not a single last name. This video was for Russian-speaking people who live in the states, live in Europe. That’s for whom this video was. But a man from Russia comes in and thinks that there is a hidden subtext, that all this was said about Russia. Not.

And then I answered the woman who wrote this comment. I told her that the whole world does not revolve around Russia. And Russian-speaking people are not only in Russia. And if something is said in Russian, this does not mean that it is addressed to the inhabitants of Russia. And I understand that, unfortunately, there will be people who will write this. But maybe some of them will see. Especially the part that bombs. Do not bomb, what’s the point. Wait, we will now save up on our own player and we will not be in YOUTUBE.

What is the point of bombing, especially since we do not conduct any activity in Russia. Those two offices that you saw in the instragram or tweeter they were not in Russia. The production that we are doing now: sweatshirts, bracelets, stickers, all this is not in Russia. The site, which is registered not in Russia, is registered in a European company. Hosting, which is located in the states. The universal religion and in general does not connect us with Russia.

And all our activities are directed to other countries. It is aimed at Russian-speaking people around the world. Now we are translating and translating some of the material into other languages.We are not interested in Russian Youtube, we are not interested in Russian trends, we are not interested in Russian news. And when that winter I was called to the Russian program, I refused to take part there, in my opinion, about extraterrestrial life.

Because we are not interested in either Russian television, or Russian radio, or Russian bloggers. That is, it lies outside our interests, we are doing something completely different. Everything around us is different. And about the supporters of the Universal religion, who are in Russia, we are building the same town for them, first summer, then year-round, so that they can come. We will not go to you, but you will come to us, come to that life, to that normal, modern, adequate life. We are doing this town for you so that you can come. That’s all.

Therefore, I want to once again appeal to those people who enter the channel and bomb: “Do not bomb. Nobody is going to knock on the door for you, as Jehovah’s witnesses, no one is going to buy all the advertising. Even if we had money, we would not do this. We would not buy advertising targeted to Russia, we are simply not interested. We live in a completely different reality.

And I personally are not interested in life, or news, or incident. Absolutely not interesting. I don’t want to drag it into my life. I do not want it to be in my life. And I do not want this energy in my life. Do you understand? And now we conduct our activities in Ukraine, official activities. We have nothing to hide. We only unite those people who think the same way, and try to give them a way in life, try to give them opportunities, try to give them an opportunity to realize themselves.

And in this regard, I have to say this: “Ukraine is a great country. A great country, a country with an absolutely unique future. And here are absolutely unique people.” Because these people do not have that same slavery gene, this is an absolutely free nation, absolutely free people, and these are free youth.

I recorded a video a week ago on the street and wanted to upload it. But, unfortunately, due to the fact that there was a wind, there is practically no word there. And I will now say what I said in that video: “This is a unique country, an absolutely European, absolutely modern, progressive country. And this country has given the Universal religion a great deal.”

And, you know, when the Universal religion was not the easiest, not the easiest time, it was the people from Ukraine who came to the rescue. And it was the people from Ukraine, the Ukrainians, who wrapped it in a warm blanket and allowed them to survive the cold. Speaking metaphorically. Therefore, I am very grateful to them. And, I just want you to understand friends, times are difficult. Not everything is as simple as it may look. And, to the supporters of the Universal religion, I want to wish everything to be easier in life. That’s why I tell you: “Simplify all the time.”

We will make this town, as I told you at the sermons. And you will arrive there. And we will meet and we will spend time together. The same people who don’t like what we do: “Do not bomb too much. You have everything ahead, you have great friends, a great family, great friends. Enjoy it. Well, what’s the point of bombing? which are only interesting to us.

We are not going to climb into a strange monastery with its charter. We treat all religions normally, this is our history, we cannot escape this. Do not bomb. Seriously. We will save up on your player, make your player on the site and will not get you into recommended videos or anywhere else. Seriously. Meaning your nerves wasting. There are many things on the Internet that are interesting. If you are not interested in what is happening here, just forget. Why are you wasting your time?

Here it is. And to the supporters of the Universal religion, I want to say: “It doesn’t matter where you live. Indeed, it doesn’t matter what country you live in, because life is such that today you are here, tomorrow you can move if you want. And, I just I want that in your life there was that lighthouse, behind which you would hold on, and which would help you in difficult moments. And when they say to me that “Why are you doing this? Who needs it? Who needs it? ”

And on the other side of the scale are people who are grateful that we saved their lives. And this all does not matter. The main thing is the saved lives and the main thing is the people who now want to live. And they want to live interesting and truly.

Here today is something like that. I really hope that I haven’t pissed anyone off, that I didn’t disappoint anyone, as people like to write. But I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. About people whom I constantly disappoint with something. All friends, praise the universe! Have a great night, good dreams and praise to the Universe!


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