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Friends, I greet you all. My name is still Igor Vselensky. And this is the sermon of the most modern universal religion.

We are continuing to renovate the studio, but we still continue to preach. To become better. Develop and move forward. See what piece I’ll show you now. I like this most of all from what we have now. See it. Isn’t that wonderful? In my opinion it is just magical. Okay, let him lie down in the back.

So, friends, where I want to start today. Do you feel better? Do you feel how much easier to breathe here? And the thing is that a very large number of people have unsubscribed from our channel. After those videos that were not long ago.

And I want to thank them, these people. Do you know for what? For the fact that each of them did not go in and leave an angry comment, but he just picked it up and unsubscribed. Silently, calmly took and unsubscribed. It is worthy. Seriously, well done. And I very much hope that mostly supporters of the Universal religion remained on the channel. Those people who are interested in what is happening here.

And now I’ll tell you about the clips that people have unsubscribed from. Regarding Russia and about the supporters of the Universal religion. Of course it doesn’t matter where you live. It does not matter in which country. Because we are cosmopolitan, we are globalists.

And of course, friends, that is why, in the corner of our video the flag of the Universal religion always flaunts. Which you can see on our paraphernalia, on our materials and on our website. Here is our flag. Here is our flag. Here is our state. And if we go somewhere, we go here under this flag. Because it is the only flag in the world that is not stained with blood.

Praise the Universe, friends. I am very glad that there are those supporters of the Universal Religion who understood this, who knew it and who understood it. And of course, friends, as we said initially it is so. Only under the flag of the universal religion.

And I will tell you more. Today I want to fence you. Today I want to warn you. And today I want to protect you.

If one of you still personifies yourself with your state. If someone identifies himself as a citizen of a state. That is bad for you. Because patriotism can only be healthy. You should not catch up when making compliments to other countries or other cultures. If it hurts you, then you are in trouble. Because it will not allow you to take a step forward.

Remember. Patriotism and ardent, unconditional love for the place where a person was born is just a dress. And it is very sad when there is nothing more under this clothing. It is very sad when, apart from pride in the place where the person was born, he can no longer be proud of anything. This is sad.

And I want each of you to take off these clothes. I understand that many of you are proud of the place where they were born. They want to be proud of their country. But, friends, I want you to throw off this framework. Because your homeland is not your country. And I will tell you more, your homeland is not this land. You are the guests here.

Our homeland is the whole universe. Our homeland is space. Here is our homeland. Our homeland is not a banner. Our homeland is not a hymn. Our homeland is the whole universe.

And why do I say that the flag of the universal religion will unite us? Because this idea is embedded in it. The idea of ​​combining. The idea of ​​the pristine homeland, the cosmos, the universe. Single and not divisible universe. The universe that created man. The man who then created the gods.

And I understand that giving up your little one in this homeland is very hard inside of you. It is very difficult. It is difficult psychologically. Because if you leave a piece of yourself. As if taking out a piece of yourself and throwing it away. But it needs to be done. This must be done in order to take a step forward. To fill this place with something that you can be proud of. And what will be your merit, and not merit of the territory.

I want each of you to understand. That homeland about which your state tells you does not mean anything. Absolutely nothing. And you owe nothing to anyone and never. When you are told that you must live in your homeland. It is nonsense. You are just trying to control.

If it so happens that you were born in a disgusting place. And there are such places. This does not mean that you have to live there all your life. This does not mean that you have to spend your life to build a life there and make life better there.

I want to understand. If any of you still associate themselves with their state. If any of you are still sick at Eurovision for your country. If any of you are still sick for the national team of your country in any championship. Grow up, friends. This is all huge nonsense. First of all for you.

And I will explain you why. Because the state may one day leave you and you will have nothing to do. She will trample not only your dreams and your plans. It will trample your self-imposed love on you. And do it with a smile on his face. You say: “The state, but I gave you everything.” And the state will respond: “Times change.”

Therefore, friends, be smarter. Your homeland is not your state. Your homeland is not even this planet. Your homeland is cosmos. You appeared there. Look at the sky at night and you will see your homeland. Here is your homeland, all the starry sky. Here is your homeland.

Because in each of you there is a piece of stars. Look at this. Here is your homeland.

Friends, I want all of us today to thank the Universe for all that is happening. So we all say: “Praise of the Universe. Praise of the Universe. Praise of the Universe.” Because the universe gives us all this. And she gives as it should be. This is the most amazing.

Friends, be independent and be free. Independent from stereotypes, from propaganda and from patterns. Become free within yourself. It is most important. And I am very grateful to all those who saw interesting in this channel. And I promise you this has never been done before.

Let’s thank the Universe, say again: “Praise the Universe.” See you soon, friends.


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