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If you come up with something in your head, then of course you can probably disappoint. But this only means that what you come up with does not correspond to reality.

Friends, as I promised yesterday. I wanted to tell about people who constantly write comments for some reason, that I disappointed them. What disappointed them channel. They write this from the first day we made the channel on YOUTUBE. That is, all four, for five years now, that there is a channel, they constantly write that I disappointed them. For me, it’s a little weird.

I’ll tell you more. These people disappoint me. Seriously. They disappoint in all mankind. Because the whole concept was originally written on the site. Yes, wherever possible, it was written everywhere. Everywhere the same things were written. They have not changed in five years.

If you come up with something in your head, then of course you can probably disappoint. But this only means that what you come up with does not correspond to reality.

And I thought about it for a long time. Do you know what is the saddest thing? The saddest thing is that … Look, I will try to draw somewhere now. Here is the line of man. Well, his life. And there are limits to his thinking. That is, these boundaries are those taboos, those limits, those stereotypes that he does not go beyond. For all people, these frames are completely different. And the saddest thing is.

You ask, where so many subscribers on the channel? It’s simple. We recorded a video of motivation. And all these motivation videos they were in the concept of the Universal religion. Everything. But it so happened that they fell right into these boundaries of stereotypes. That is, they were comfortable to people. And people liked them because they were comfortable.

And all the videos, all the audio that fall into these borders, people like them. As soon as we touch some topics that go beyond, then people immediately have frustration, outrage and all that.

And I now want to ask you: “What do you need? Self-development or complacency?” That’s all that lies within this framework is complacency. All that is outside of this framework is self-development. And the sad thing is that most people do not need self-development. And all these phrases: “Go beyond the scope”, “Give up stereotypes,” for them it is an empty sound. Because as soon as they actually go beyond these limits, they begin to have a dissonance.

All their illusion, that’s the one we talked about. The illusion of life, it begins to vibrate. In dissonance to be with their inner world. And they feel discomfort. They are directly bombed. They just hate. They begin to aggress on everything. This is complacency. And he says: “No, no. Now I shouldn’t show this. I shouldn’t say this. Now I shouldn’t do this. Say only what is convenient for me. Only what I feel comfortable.”

So this is complacency. And here no one will be involved. I’ll give you some great advice. If you like complacency here, or from which side, in recommended. There will be different business coaches, different motivators. Here go to them on the channel, there is a sea of ​​complacency. They will reassure you so that you simply do not notice how to view all of their videos, click the likes everywhere. But in life, nothing will change.

This is serious. I do not urge to watch our videos. If you need complacency, go to them on the channels. Enter in YOUTUBE “motivation”, “business coaches”. Look around there, there are millions of hours of video.

Here on this channel there will be no complacency. Here is the self-development. And self-development is when discomfort. This is when you actually go beyond that. This is when you actually take a step into the unknown. A terrible step. A terrible step to do it is not nice. But you do it, because you understand that you must step into the unknown.

Do you understand? It is sad indeed. Because people like complacency. They like it when they are told: “Think of the good, but live within the framework that you have drawn.” Here on this channel this will not happen. I know that it brings a huge amount of views. It brings a huge amount of money. But it’s not about the money. And here it will not be. There will be no complacency. There will be real self-development.

And that’s not what I’m bombing, you know. It is not that these comments are not pleasant to me. Not that someone was disappointed in me. I just read this comment: “I am disappointed in this channel.” And I think: “What?” We have been saying exactly the same thing for five years. From video to video. From video to video.

We say absolutely the same thing. Touching different areas, discussing different things. How can you be disappointed in this? I do not understand. But it means you had the illusion that here you will be told things that are pleasant to you. But this will not happen

It is still very sad you know why? Because there are really things, there are topics that are not controversial. Well, such little ones. They are tied to the destruction of taboos, the destruction of stereotypes. But there are things so sharp and we have not touched them yet. None. We have not touched a single such topic in all these years.

But there are topics that do not even face. They are absolutely normal. This video is about masturbation, this is “It doesn’t matter what country you live in.” Some more videos. These videos, which when I shot them, when I recorded them, I did not think that there would be any reaction at all. For me, all this is normal stuff. And for the people around me, these are normal things.

In any normal developed society, these are normal things. But even having laid out such, I saw all these comments and I understood that even these videos lie beyond the framework of stereotypes.

I thought the frames were here, but it turned out that they were here. It turned out that everything is much worse than it can be imagined. and it is actually sad. But anyway, we will touch on these things, we will tell. Just now you need to prepare some other things. And we will definitely touch on all things, all stereotypes, all taboos. Discuss them. Talk about them. Arrange discussions.

Because it is really interesting. I wonder how a man in 2018, to whom his parents said that the world is like this. These people live to the end of their lives. They walk along this path and are afraid to take a step to the left or a step to the right.

They do not know what that means. They never took a step left, right, but their parents told them. And before that, their parents told their parents. That is, you understand this as in the experiment with monkeys. This is the same and this is amazing.

It is amazing how a person lives his life, walking along this straight path. Afraid to look left, right. This is not known that the boundaries of his stereotypes are the boundaries of fear. These are the boundaries of the fears that adults have settled in him when he was a child. And he lives all his life within these limits of fear. It’s amazing.

And I see these lives. I know people who were 18, now they are 27. And here they are, as they walked along this path, so they go. Some of them are watching channels on successful thinking, some business coaches, someone else. And all these business coaches they, you know, within these boundaries do. All content is done absolutely within these limits. Because they need an audience and they are engaged in complacency.

And the man is walking along this narrow path, he looks at the information in YOUTUBE, on the Internet. And he calms himself with the fact that all business coaches, all coaches and so on, they speak within these boundaries. So it goes right.Unfortunately no, not right. Correctly not in the sense of truth – not true. And in the sense that it is not effective for life.

When you go like this. In the boundaries drawn by other people for you, this is the most ineffective for your life. There are people who understand this intuitively. There are people who do not understand this at all. Here supporters of the Universal religion are people who intuitively understand this.

What did I start with? I started with people I disappoint. Honestly, I did not want to disappoint anyone. But if you thought up in your head that I am moralfuck, who is talking here about morality, morality.

And I do not know, effective dancing around the fire for some holiday, like Ivan Kupala. But if you yourself have thought it up in your head, but what can I do. We are not talking about this here at all. Here in general about other things. Well, it means disappointed.

Well, I do not know. You yourself were fascinated, as they say, yourself disappointed. What can I do here? We have a concept of universal religion dedicated to her channel. We release the sermon. We release some kind of content that lies entirely within this concept. More precisely without frames. And you say that you are disappointed.

You disappointed me. Do you know what? I will explain simply. Before you subscribe to the channel, you didn’t even go to the site and wondered what kind of ecumenical religion, what kind of sect. If you YOUTUBE offers some kind of video.

We specifically made the name Universal Religion. We are told to remove the name of the universal religion and you will have more subscribers. So we specifically made the name of the universal religion. To the person who came in, who liked the video, before he subscribed to the channel, he thought. Why is the universal religion, what kind of religion, what is it. I went to the site and read. And if he didn’t like it, he wouldn’t subscribe. No matter what video.

For me, it’s really weird. How can you subscribe to the channel if you don’t like the whole channel and you liked one video. This is the thinking of such small fish that have a memory of 5 seconds, which is about a cool video. Signed. That you go see what kind of channel. At least a description of the channel look. There in the description of the channel everything is written.

What is the joke to be disappointed? I dont know. Due to the fact that they do not say what you want to see. What you like. That soothes you. That which is completely within your thinking. Within your stereotypes. So all people are different, everyone has different stereotypes, everyone has different thinking.

And believe me, if you don’t like what I’m saying. You do notjudge the whole world by yourself. Believe it. When you go to work in the morning, or to college, or to school. A lot of people around who do not like you. Who does not like your face. Who do not like the way you are dressed.

A lot of people in life who do not like you talk on the phone in public transport. But people have etiquette, people have dignity. Dignity is to remain silent. When you shout by phone in public transport or are standing somewhere with a boring face, with a dull outside. People have the dignity of keeping silent.

So have the same dignity. If you don’t like something, it doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t like it. This does not mean that nobody needs it. People need it, maybe not you. But to other people. And when you judge the whole world by yourself. When you say so I don’t like it, it’s bad. You first of all show your stupidity. And this is disappointing.

Disappointing number of people who behave stupidly. Have dignity. Learn etiquette. Learn to communicate. In 2018, not being able to communicate this is like 50 years ago not being able to write and read. Learn to communicate. Learn to behave culturally. And behave with dignity. That’s what I wanted to tell you today.

And do not be disappointed. Yes, of course I want to say that not all people believe in your Christian god. Not all people believe in life after death. And that’s fine. I will tell you more, there are people who speak other languages. There are people who believe in several gods. There are people who believe in some other things. Who believe in the deity of the cat.

I may open the world to you, but all people are different. Not all people on this planet live as you live.

And another small moment. When people say, “I am not a Christian, I am not an Orthodox. I just believe in the god Jesus.” So god jesus is a christian god. It came up with Christians. He was invented for Christians. It was described by Christians. What he really is. This is all done by Christians.

You cannot believe in a Christian god and at the same time do not consider yourself a Christian. Say: “These are all Christians, these are all of them, they are all. And I believe in my own god.” So why don’t you believe in Zeus? Why do not you believe in the pantheon of gods, where there are more than 50? Why did you choose the Christian god from all the options?

How Christians represent it. You believe in him and you are not with Christians. You really are not. You are sorry. If you believe what the Christians have described, then you are a Christian. Such a sekoy who observes does not obey the rules. This is another question. But you are a Christian. If you believe what other Christians believe.

And yet, my friends, since I started such a conversation. Stop arguing. Seriously. Well, finish arguing. Well, what’s the point in this? What is the point? You are adults, we are all adults. Why go to the channel and say: “But I do not agree, but it seems to me like that.” Well, go to the site there it is written. This is how it is written on the site, and we will do the video. As the site says, it will be in the sermons. As the site says, it will be in the podcasts.

There is nothing else to appear here. This channel is dedicated to the universal religion. Not to me, not to my opinion, not to my life. This channel is dedicated to the universal religion. Here will be what is written on the site. All that concept, all that faith, all that religion that unites us, the adherents of the Universal religion. Only she will be here. There will be nothing else.

Thousand times said unsubscribe. Seriously. Why do nerves seize and annoy yourself? And to bomb from this, that I disappointed you, did not disappoint. Seriously. Do something else. Look at some other things. There are a lot of funny things on YOUTUBE. Why do this? Leave this channel to supporters of the Universal religion.

There are not so many of us here as we would like. Maybe more than you would like. But the whole world consists of different people. We are all different. If you are bombing from something. If you hate someone for looks, for something else. Be prepared for the fact that they will hate you. Do you understand?

We all live in the world, we all annoy each other a little. Need to learn to live together. And this is the dignity. This is the intellect. This is self-development. All friends, I hope we will not spend each other’s time on these little things that are absolutely not important. And we will continue here quietly, calmly do our own things. To engage in universal religion, its development and self-development.

Everything. If any supporters of the Universal religion before watched this video until the end, I embrace you. I hope that we will not return to this again. And I apologize if you think we’ve been wasting time today. Because I am sure that many of you will say: “Why bother to talk about it at all? Just hammer. At least I will try to prevent this from happening again.

We will deal with the Universal religion, we will tune ourselves to the desired wave. Engage in their own self-development. And move towards our common happiness.

Praise of the Universe, friends, supporters of the Universal religion. And ordinary people whom I disappointed good luck, all the best sincerely. Sincerely. Few people here sincerely wish good luck and all the best, and I wish it. Health, health close. Peace in the house so that all you have is good. Unsubscribe. And do not waste your time on something that you are not interested.

Everything. Good luck!


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