Revelation of Igor Vselenskii: about the union of supporters.

Revelation of Igor Vselenskii:
about the union of supporters.

Igor Vselenskii appealed to all supporters of the Universal religion, throughout the world.

Игорь Вселенский
Igor Vselenskii – pastor of the Universal religion

“Friends, I appeal to all supporters of the Universal Religion, because I know that only real supporters will hear what I am talking about. And they will not just hear, but let it pass through themselves and see the depth that the surface people will never see. crazy and once, you will look around and you will understand that only you have kept your mind clean from stereotypes, patterns and propaganda. And all those who are crazy around you will be considered crazy by you. to rally staying together is the main goal. Supporting each other is the main goal. Carrying this burden with dignity is the main goal. We need to hold hands, because in the crazy world, only someone’s palm in your hand gives you hope. They will give you the necessary strength. We are not like them. You know that. Yes, you know it! You feel me as if I am near. And I am near. In this vast universe, we are so close to each other that closer only “bed scenes”. Look deeper. I want you to see something valuable that you have never seen. I want the Universe to bring this wave on you and not let you give up, because you are needed! I need you! Needed, like me to you! You will not withstand this onslaught alone, but with Universal religion, you will wear the most solid armor! And we must build our fortress together. The universal religion was before everything and will be after. Look at this power – this power will be yours. Look at this knowledge – they will be yours. See the future in it – it will become your future. Take me tight by the hand and double it all! We will build a new future and save those who can still be saved. We will unite together to bring this idea to descendants who will remember us, and each of you! This is our life, this is our championship, and this will be our great victory! I make this speech in honor of our association, in honor of the idea that leads us to the future and in honor of each of you! And if any of you have doubts, think about the fact that if you give up and listen to them, they will throw you, like they threw millions to you. How they threw a million people: in clinics, in cellars, on fires. You do not beat them alone. They will be defeated only by the Universal Religion, which protect you and give you the path to a happy future. Let’s thank the Universe for the opportunity for us to stay in our right mind, even when everyone is going crazy. Let’s thank the Universe for the opportunity to carry our love, our idea and be proud of it. Be yourself, be real and hold the hand of someone who understands you. I love you! I love you! Praise the Universe!”


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