How do the proponents of the Universal religion live?

Each of those who consider the Universal religion as the most effective way of thinking is wondering.
And how do supporters of the Universal religion live? What is the difference in everyday life? How does the life of an adherent of the Universal religion differ from the life of an ordinary person?
The universal religion is the destruction of prejudice and increased efficiency. These two principles are fundamental in building the life of an adherent of the Universal religion. This means that a supporter of the Universal religion must constantly engage in self-education, self-development and improvement of its effectiveness through the destruction of personal prejudices.
What does it affect in everyday life? For all.
Supporters of the Universal religion have no prejudices. This means that every supporter is as open as possible to the new in this world. Supporters of the Universal religion do not have racial, xenophobic, homophobic prejudices. After all, it is these prejudices that are a great limitation in the life of any person. Moreover, since supporters of the Universal religion do not use mass triggers and social patterns, their behavior, their life, their way of life is filled with greater freedom than the life of an ordinary person.
Supporters of the Universal Religion are “citizens of the planet,” or more simply, they have no associative identification with a specific social entity formed on the basis of one locality or language.
Supporters of the Universal religion live a brighter and more interesting life than ordinary people, by overcoming the old dogmas. And if a supporter of the Universal religion fits into the public role model, it is only because at the moment, it will increase its effectiveness.
Also, supporters of the Universal religion show their concern for other people who work as service personnel. Housekeepers, porters, drivers – we try to constantly use the services of these workers, helping them. If a supporter of the Universal religion has the opportunity to order loaders to drag the refrigerator, he is advised to do just that. Next, we provide a list of recommendations for supporters of the Universal religion:

Supporters of the Universal religion are recommended:

1. Do not lift weights.

You can always use the service of porters or couriers.

2. Do not do house cleaning.

This also applies to your loved ones. View maid service in your area and you will be surprised at prices. Nowadays, everyone needs work. Spend this time on yourself.

3. Do not repair home appliances.

Use the service wizards. Has the bath flowed, has the washing machine broken? Do not waste time on this. Put your time in money and you will see what you save if you call the wizard.

4. Attend only private medical centers, stay in a hospital in a separate room, or in a room with a supporter of the Universal Religion.

Do not be afraid to visit different medical companies if you are not satisfied with something in one. Find the doctor that you are happy. You will be surprised at the difference between your free hospital and a good private company. You will not spend much more money, because the difference will be only in consultation and analysis. The price of drugs for this will not change.

5. Visit beauty salons, massages and other procedures.

No matter how old you are, give pleasure to your body. Sign up for a massage, go to the sauna, swim in the pool, make yourself a manicure. No matter how old you are, your body is working for you day and night, thank him for it.

6. Do not play gambling.

Gambling is not only a waste of time, often it is also a society of people who can rarely bring something good into your life.

7. Use insurance.

When you travel by train, fly on airplanes, you can always buy insurance. Often, it costs a penny. Use this service. Not only will you be insured, it’s much more important that you feel how differently you start to treat yourself.

8. Do not use the daily alarm.

Give your body enough sleep and rest. The world will not run away and you will have time for everything if you are effective. Many people think that the earlier a person gets up, the more he will have time to do. Alas, this is not always the case. The one who manages to adjust all the processes in his life in the most efficient manner does more. And often, it does not depend on the time of awakening. You can work 4 hours a day and be as efficient as possible, or you can get up at six in the morning and yawn all day do nothing sensible.

9. Do not overwork yourself.

Do not overstrain yourself. If you feel that you are beginning to recycle – rest. Put the work on other people who are not supporters of the universal religion. Your health is important.

10. Do not worry because of domestic difficulties.

In life, very often there are various domestic difficulties. Upon delivery, you scratched the TV. Someone hit your car in the parking lot. Neighbors flooded you. Do not worry. Do not think about it. Nothing will change from your experiences. The main thing is your actions. Do what you need to do and do not worry. It’s all the little things within your life.


Igor Vselenskii
Preacher of the Universal Religion

“Every supporter of the Universal religion should strive to ensure that his life meets these recommendations. Naturally, not everyone can immediately hire a housekeeper and sign up for a massage. But this is exactly what we should strive for. This does not mean earning more, it means building your life in the most efficient way possible. After all, this is what distinguishes the adherents of the Universal religion from all other people. ”

Praise the Universe, friends!