In the Universe there are many rules according to which our Universe is created, it lives, develops and will continue to live. There are a lot of these rules and we constantly analyze them in our releases and programs. Here, we have collected eleven rules of life, which are basic and basic for a happy and successful life.

They can be called “Rules for a successful life” or “Rules for increased efficiency,” as it is more convenient. We call them the “Daily Rules of the Universe”.

  •   1. Every person is part of the universe.
  •   2. Show love to all that is in the universe.
  •   3. Do not obey negative thoughts.
  •   4. Do not hurt.
  •   5. Do not count on tomorrow, but be ready for it.
  •   6. Do not count on anyone, but be grateful.
  •   7. When giving – do not ask for anything in return.
  •   8. Do not cry the blues, do not be shy.
  •   9. Do not lie and do not envy.
  • 10. Enjoy what the Universe gives you.
  • 11. Thank the Universe for all that you have.


Explaining the rules of the universe.

1) Each person is part of the universe.

The first rule is the fundamental principle of the world. Man is a part of the Universe, which means that his life is formed according to the same rules as the entire Universe. Man is inseparable from the outside world, like plants and animals. Human life is completely dependent on small, local processes of the surrounding world, as well as on global cosmic processes. Health, thinking, a surge of strength, human emotions – all this is an inseparable part of the universe. And the path of development, which the universe passes, man passes. And if he comes to his nature, if he does not break out of the laws of the Universe, then his life is full of pleasure and pleasure.

2) Show love to everything that is in the Universe.

You may not like something or like something. But every thing in the universe has its own purpose. And if something appeared, then it was necessary. And any thing – the same part of the universe. It does not matter how it is perceived at first glance. And indeed it is. On our planet, there are hundreds of poisonous plants, dangerous animals. Previously, people thought that without them, life would be better. But they all participate in global processes that are necessary for this world. Love everything that is in this Universe, because all of this is involved in creating the conditions for a happy life. Even if the dependence is not visible at first glance, it always is.

3) Do not obey negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are destructive desires. These are thoughts that are aimed at destruction, at destruction, at the suppression of nature. These thoughts are very harmful to human life. At first glance, they have no consequences. But thoughts affect many of the unconscious actions of man, leading him to certain results. And if a person succumbs to negative desires, thoughts, then the result is ultimately also negative. Very often, in everyday life we ​​are accompanied by negative desires, but it is very important not to obey them. It is very important to stop yourself before these desires find their realization.

4) Do not hurt.

This concerns our actions. This refers not only to physical pain, but also to moral pain. And it does not matter whether a person deserves this pain or not. You have no right to hurt, because the other person is also part of this vast world. This warns us against revenge, from rancor and other terrible things. The universe itself decides that man deserved, and everyone will live as deserving.

5) Do not count on tomorrow, but be ready for it.

It’s about tomorrow, that is, about the future. It is very important not to count on him. We can not be sure that is not subject to us. This rule directs our emotions and love for today. Yesterday – a memory. Tomorrow – dreams. Today is life. Thus, we lay out every day, we get pleasure here and now, not postponing for tomorrow. “But be ready for it” is a very important addition. It warns us to burn life without thinking at all about the day tomorrow. We must be prepared for it. We must count our strength, finances, time. That’s what the fifth rule says.

6) Do not count on anyone, but be grateful.

It’s about relationships with people. It says that you do not need to be angry with others if they failed you, although you counted on them. No need to take the help of people for granted. This does not mean that a person is a loner in this world .. This rule refers to an attitude. You need to trust, but you can not keep evil, if a person did not live up to expectations “But be grateful” is a very important part. It says that you always need to be grateful to the person who helped you, even if he could not do otherwise.

7) When giving – do not ask for anything in return.

This rule warns us against many failures. He tells us that we should have fun simply by helping. Without even getting anything in return. This rule does not force us to give everything to the right, to the left, but it says: “if you decide to give, then ask nothing in return.” When giving, you do not need to wait for gratitude. When we decide to share something, give something, we do it for the Universe, because everyone is a part of it.

8) Do not cry, do not be shy.

This is a very important rule that says that the Universe does not want you to hide what it gives you. And indeed, how often it is not pleasant for us when our loved ones hide their merits and results from us. Saying “don’t be shy”, the Universe wants us to be proud of our merits, our skills and knowledge. After all, our talents were given to us by the Universe and it wants these talents to be realized.

9) Do not lie. Do not be envious.

This rule warns us against lies and envy. These two things destroy lives, they are very big enemies of any person. Lies and envy lead us out of our way, they lead us into dense paths where it is very easy to get lost. A lie acts destructively, primarily on a person who lies. Envy also inhibits the development of human nature. This rule tells us that you should not be jealous, because we do not know what price the other person paid for the object of envy.

10) Enjoy what the universe gives.

This is about pleasure. And the emphasis is on the word “enjoy,” not on the “topics.” That is, the universe wants us to enjoy what it has given us. Peace, life, nature, communication, circumstances, things. She does not want that man would restrain herself in pleasure, because when he receives positive emotions, pleasure is pleasure, the Universe also receives them.

11) Thank the Universe for everything you have.

Thanks, this is a way to give feedback. Only by showing gratitude we get even more. By showing gratitude, we show what we like and what gives us pleasure. Thus, we are telling the Universe about what we want tomorrow and it will surely give us this, provided that we observe all of its Eleven Prescriptions.



Igor Vselenskii
Preacher of the Universal Religion

“These rules are very important for the life of the adherents of the Universal religion. Start to adhere to them and you will be surprised at the results. Every supporter of the Universal religion should strive to adhere to each rule. Remember that the whole power of these rules is in their unity. visible results, but adhering to all the rules, your life will begin to come in harmony with the Universe. This is work on yourself, on your character, on your personality. And the main thing in this business is to take the first step. the selenium religion will do the rest! Praise the Universe, friends! “