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TV is an integral part of human culture.
Friends, Praise the Universe, I greet you. Today is September 22, 2016, Thursday. Colds come and many keep warm, where? Of course, at the TV. And today I will tell you why you just need to give up TV and radio.
I will not delve into the history of television, because this story is similar to the history of thousands of things in our civilization. The formula of many inventions is as follows. The fruit of military development, which they want to put into the educational mainstream, eventually becomes only a means of earning money on uneducated people. This formula concerns so many things in our life.
I will not talk about what happened before, let’s see what is now. TV is an integral part of human culture. Alas. But now it is. Many families stop quarreling when there is a program on TV that the whole family can watch. For parents, the TV has become a free babysitter, because parents simply leave the children alone with the TV.
TV include when they do not know what to say. TV include when they do not know what to do. TV include when they do not know how to live.
TV has become a magical world for people in which there are answers to questions, tips and news. Of course, none of this is there, but many think the old-fashioned way that “they cannot lie on TV”. In TV, as in any media, they always lied, at all times and in all countries, as they did in newspapers and magazines. And if, for example on the Internet, you can question something and watch another point of view, then you don’t have this choice on TV.
How many grandparents are looking for hope in the television. How many lonely people are looking for in the TV companion. How many lost people are looking for a way out. Are they found? Of course not. Because all this is simply not there.
But let’s, without beautiful words, let’s get straight to the point. Why is tv bad? Because HE tells you what to watch. You learn to choose. You learn to make a choice. TV tells you what’s cool, what’s interesting, what’s useful and you believe it. Want to know how TV changes a person? Take the TV from the person and give him the Internet. At first, he will not know what he wants. Give the person a choice of a million films that are available on the Internet and the person will not be able to include any. He wants to be told what to watch. This is a consequence of the thinking that television produces.
When you watch TV, you do not watch what you want, but watch what you are given. Yes, you have a choice between channels, but how many are there. ten? 100? And from how many movies or programs can you choose? TV tells you what you want. And it does it every day. You get used to not thinking. You get used not to choose. TV simplifies your selection. He says: “Here is the news, and here is a humorous program. Choose.”
People who watch television find it harder to make life choices. It’s harder for them to analyze. It’s harder for them to make quick decisions when there are no obvious options.
And I’m not saying that the TV is bad because of advertising or disgusting programs. Not. Not in this case. You want to watch films with advertising, look, although of course, in order to understand the film, to feel the atmosphere, you should not be distracted by advertising. But this is everyone’s business. Want to watch silly shows, watch. I am not talking about that.
I want you to understand. The TV disaccounts you thinking. He teaches you to listen to yourself, to understanding yourself. Television teaches you easy choices. You do not ask yourself the question: “What do I want?”. You ask the question: “What is on TV today?”
And the point is not that there is objective information on the Internet, that there is much more information on the Internet that pulls a person intellectually. That’s not the point. I know people who go to the Internet to watch those very disgusting TV shows. But it’s one thing when disgusting shows are a person’s choice. And another thing is when he thinks that this is his choice, but this is the choice of the TV.
And how does this affect your life? At first you do not look what you want. And you look what you offer. Then you work not where you want, but where they offer you. Then you do not live with those with whom you want, but with those whom circumstances offer you. And in the end you do not get the life you want, but you get the life you are offered.

I know that for many, the very thought of giving up TV is unreal. People do not imagine how they will live without TV.
Many have already abandoned it and every day thousands refuse. This is modern thinking, to give up what is not needed. And usually you can immediately understand whether a person is watching TV or not. The man who refused television, he knows what he wants. That is the difference.
This is the same radio. Radio tells you what is fashionable, what is cool and shows you only those who paid the money. But the worst thing is that people who listen to the radio often have no taste. And not because they are such people, but because radio kills every taste. Again, a person does not listen to what he is interested in, what suits his mood. Radio dictates the mood. And especially when you are driving, it is dangerous. Because the radio controls your mood, you do not control yourself. A person listening to the radio, just like a person who watches TV, cannot answer the question: “What do I want now?”. He cannot analyze his feelings, his emotions, he does not even think about it. For him, decides the radio.
If you want your modification, if you want to control your life. If you do not want to become stupid every day, and want to become better, then give up completely from the radio and from the TV. These are two things that bring absolutely nothing into your life. They waste your time, teach you to live without choice, and clog up your head with such junk, which is difficult to throw out later.
I do not urge you to live in silence. Record your favorite music on a USB flash drive, player, download audiobooks, podcasts, news, whatever. If you are used to eating with a TV, buy an inexpensive tablet specifically for the kitchen and watch what interests you. Do not let others choose for you. Because they will choose, not the best way for you, but the best way for them.
Giving the right to choose others, you will not get anything that you need. And the people whom you have given the right to choose for you will get everything.
Tell yourself more often: “I want to watch what I want,” “I want to listen to what I want.” At first, it may seem complicated if your friends are television and radio.
But you should make one small effort and a new world will open up before you, in which there are so many interesting things that you didn’t know before.
Often, to see a new world, you need to take one small step. But make it in the direction in which you did not go before.
Praise the Universe, friends. Televisions and radio in the trash. And if you have relatives and friends, try to explain these things to them. It seems that it is not related to life, but it is directly related and it affects life.
Television will exist for a long time. But the era of the TV has passed. Television was needed at a certain period in our history. Television has done a lot of good for humanity, but now it is no longer innovative technologies that change people’s lives for the better, now TV is just a way to get the most money out of advertising on low-quality programs, which invest less and less. less money.
 What will happen in the coming years? Revenues from online advertising and advertising on television in many countries have become equal and the Internet continues to grow. This means that less and less money will be invested in television talk shows and broadcasts and their quality will be worse and worse.
Therefore, I urge you, friends, praise the universe, throw out the TV, radio, forget about it, like about the past and begin to live a new life. Where you choose how you want to live. Not a corporation. Where you make a choice and this choice makes you better. You accumulate experience, you see a thousand times more, you learn a million times more. It may be difficult at first, but believe me, it’s worth it!

Praise the Universe! And see you soon.


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