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I want to once again congratulate you on the New Year. Friends, not everything works as I would like. Nothing wrong. The main thing is to keep smiling, keep believing in yourself, keep believing in people, no matter what.

Friends, praise the universe. Finally, we saw you. Today we are a little bit in this hiking mode, as you see. But today I want to congratulate you on all the upcoming New Year holidays, holidays. In general, all that brightens the winter in these gray, snowy, cold everyday life. And today a little bit of news. I will tell you what’s going on.

And let’s start with the fact that the site has opened. The official website of the Universal Religion has been opened and is already available in three languages! And I want you to go there to visit. Because it is a huge job that was carried out. And despite the fact that we have a channel on YOUTUBE and all very cool. But our main resource is the site. And the main news is published on the site. The main premieres are on the site.

What I want to present to you today. Such a small little premiere. Many have already seen, many have already read. This is the premiere of my book, which is freely available on the site. I want each of you to download it. I want each of you to read it. The book is called “Golden Henry Middleton”. Here if you see. Here is a cover.

The book is called “Golden Henry Middleton”. And this is an art book. A fiction story that is very easy to read. It is very easy to read. But it contains many very instructive ones. Really important points that many of you come in handy in life. The book looks like this if you see. And this premiere of the book that I want to present to all of you.

Absolutely free, go to the site, download. Read for yourself, read in the subway, read to your children. The book is very simple, but, as I said, it contains very important things. Really important.

What’s next? I thought we would have time to record several videos before the New Year, but unfortunately we did not have time. Unfortunately today everything is in this mode. But the battle mode and a lot of news.

Comments on YOUTUBE. Many very much asked to include comments, because I want to insert my word, insert my opinion. Make fitbuck, which is so necessary for us. Friends, from today you are including comments on YOUTUB. Everything is as before.

But one condition, friends. So that this was not … How to say? That madhouse, which turns into any channel, as soon as it leaves a lot of comments. We will ban. Do not be offended. We will ban for all messages that are more or less suitable for people who are not mentally healthy. And in order not to create the feeling that here, on the channel, a tusochka of people who just yesterday took off a measuring shirt. We will ban comments.

You see, people want to enter the channel and read some interesting thoughts in the comments. Where people share their thoughts. But do not read do not understand this pile of school, stupid, obscene memes. Which are absolutely useless and not interesting to anyone. This means the first.

The second. March 2nd. Yes, on March 2 we will try to make a real sermon, a big one in Kiev. Therefore, everyone who lives in Kiev, everyone who wants to help, everyone who wants to participate – write to me. We will try, I do not promise. Because everything that we promise, almost nothing comes true. Well, it happens. March 2nd, 2019. January February March. Martha.

We will try to make a big sermon in Kiev. Everyone who wants to come, everyone who wants to visit, everyone who wants to listen. Take some new emotions, see something new in life, be sure to come. But since the number of places is limited, sign up through the site. There is a form, sign up, we enter you. And that’s all.

Anyone who comes will receive a gift. There will be a great mood, there will be new emotions. A whole bunch of new. We will try to do. May be transferred, may not be transferred. We will try to work here in this direction. The city of Kiev, 2019, March 2. Come, take your friends. You know how it will be, it will not be like all.

Yes, and if someone lives in the Kiev region or in the neighboring region, be sure to come too. Write to us. We will pay you a ticket for you to come, for us to meet, for you to listen. And so that you take for yourself this insistent energy. Because the video, it is a video. You understand. Internet by the Internet. But when people communicate in real life, this is the energy that remains in us, in each other. And here it is important.

I want you to feel it, in reality. I want us to feel it all together. And they did something new in this world, new interesting and fun. If you have not banished routine from all sides. If you still have youthful enthusiasm. If life is still interesting to you, be sure to sign up and come. It will be fun.

Simply put, if you are a boring, boring person, you probably should stay at home. But no, come too. Because of you, of a boring, tedious person who is mired in bytovuhe we will do something interesting. And we make something interesting out of you. Therefore, friends, go to the site, sign up. And so that everyone can prepare a gift in advance, sign up through the site. Limited number of seats. March 2, 2019, the city of Kiev.

Farther. What is next? Friends, 2018 turned out to be a year not easy. And for many, I’m sure it was not an easy year. Especially in the end. Especially after the fall. But the end of the year is always like that. Nothing wrong. We continue to move forward. And no matter what. Nor looking those people who are against. Despite all those people who shove us sticks in the wheels. I want to thank you separately, freaks, because thanks to you we grow and become better. Here it is. I love you too, by the way.

So. Now to the supporters of the Universal religion, to our favorite supporters of the Universal religion. To all of you. I want to congratulate you on the upcoming 2019 year. And I want to wish you so many things. And this is really important.

Friends, for starters, I want to appeal to all those supporters who do not have enough money for some simple human joys. And I want to wish you that in 2019 you will have the means. There were money and opportunities to make money. To those who have money, I want to wish to remain always human. No matter how much money you have. And turn to the first and second and say: “It does not matter how much money you have. You have a lot or a little. Always stay human. Because it’s so much more important.”

Now, to everyone who was sick, who was sick. I want to help you to keep all your illnesses in 2018. And in the new year you were healthy and happy. To everyone who is now feeling healthy, I want to wish that in the new year all diseases should avoid you. But don’t forget about your health to think about it. Both the first and second take care of your health, especially while you are young.

Anyone who has not yet found their way, I wish to find it next year. To all who have already found it, I wish to move along it despite all the storms, all the rains and all the thunderstorms. And the first and second I want to say: “Help those people who fell. Help them to rise, then they will always help you.”

Now to all the evil people, I wish love and tenderness.And to all kind people, I wish to meet less evil people on my way. Life rushes at great speed and only kindness in the heart remains forever.

Now. To all smart people, I wish that in the New Year you have less conflicts with yourself. I understand how difficult it is. I understand how important this is. And to all stupid people, I wish in the new year to become a little smarter.

Very often, people wish each other health, happiness, money. But just for everything you should wish for the mind, because often there is a lack of health, a lack of happiness and a lack of money, only because of a lack of mind. Therefore, friends, all of you crazy.

Now, everyone who has a bad relationship with relatives, I wish to find at least some common language next year. All who have relatives are support, I wish this year will not lose this support. And so that this support is always with you and in your heart. Sometimes with relatives is difficult. Sometimes it’s just impossible to talk to them. But don’t let that lead you astray.

Look at your dream, go to her. And take all these conflict situations as some kind of everyday things that somehow will be. But they should not stop you. Let them touch you a little bit. Let a little spoil the mood. But you raise it yourself and keep moving forward.

Now, friends, to all who have found their dream, I wish to move towards it even faster in the new year. And to win on this path more and more victories. Anyone who does not even imagine what his dream is, I want to see her in the new year, get to know her. And they began their movement towards her. After all, a dream is one of the important areas of our life. And only when a person has a dream, he can live fully and be happy.

Now, to those who love, I wish that in the new year in your hand was always the hand of your loved one. And everyone who does not have a loved one now, I wish to meet him in the new year. And I wish homophobes that this beloved person is with them of the same sex. And remember, love has no limits. Do not look at the exterior. Do not look at the money. Love with your heart and love how a person thinks.

Friends, accept these congratulations from me. I sincerely congratulate you all on the New Year holidays. I honestly did not think that I would have time to write something down. But it turned out. Succeeded. In this little intermediate time do it. Because just wanted to make you happy. I wanted you to smile. I wanted you to catch a piece, albeit a small, New Year’s mood, a New Year’s fairy tale.

And so you remember that dreams come true. That you dreamed that you made a wish. This is very important on a holiday. This is not important to anyone, it is important to you. It is important for your attitude. Because it all depends on him. It determines how you feel, how you feel this world. And I know that many of you are in a bad mood. Because there are so many people around who spoil this mood with joy. They do it for fun. They can be your relatives, your friends.

And so I wanted you to watch this video and so that you caught not so much a piece of the New Year holiday as your own piece of the New Year holiday. So that you remember. So that you can catch this wave again, that this is ours. This is our holiday. Today is our holiday. And this is the New Year mood, so that it is between me and you. That between us supporters of the Universal religion was this New Year’s mood. Great mood. As always, actually. Positive mood.

I want to once again congratulate you on the New Year. Friends, not everything works as I would like. Nothing wrong. The main thing is to keep smiling, keep believing in yourself, keep believing in people, no matter what. No matter what kind of people you may meet on your way. Because it is all difficult. So, friends, the ecumenical religion continues its movement. Let not everything be as it should have been, but everything will be much more interesting than many expect. I assure you.

I hug everyone! I love you all! Happy New Year! Praise the Universe, friends! How else. The ecumenical religion is the most modern religion in the world. The rest is so-so.

Praise the Universe, friends!

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