How to fall in love with a guy?

How to fall in love with a guy?

How to fall in love with a guy?
“Keep the guy in a hedgehog”
We decided to tell the girls these things, after we saw what nonsense was written on other sites. We are very sorry for the girls who listen to advice like: “Keep the guy in his fists” or “Give him a reason for jealousy.” You listen to these tips, and you can immediately put an end to your relationship. You stretch a year, two, five. But then there will be what is called “bytovuha” among ordinary people and “complete well” with us. Yes! We call it “complete w”, because people initially live in deceit, lies, having read completely idiotic articles about relationships that people wrote for the sake of green paper or red, this is no longer important.

So, let’s begin. You’re a girl. And you like a guy. You want to be with him, but he still does not notice you, or you are just friends. And you are constantly wondering: “How to fall in love with a guy?”, “How to start dating a guy?”. What to do:
1) The first and most important thing. Understand for yourself: “DO I LIKE A GUY OR HIS IMAGE IN YOUR HEAD?” After answering this question, 90% of the problems will simply disappear.
So often it happens when a girl says, “he was so cool, and then he started beating me, screaming at me. He changed.” Nothing has changed! The thing is, you never needed him. You fell in love with an image that you came up with. In images it is very hard to be disappointed, it is so!

So decide who you like. If you know a guy one evening and already think that he will love and nurse with your children, then the diagnosis is simple; “YOU ARE IN LOVE IN AN IMAGE.”

If this is the case, then first start communicating with the person, find out. Most likely, after some time, you will no longer like him.

If you are sure that you like this particular guy, then proceed to step two.
2) Tell him that YOU LIKE IT! and that’s it!
Now many girls can come as a shock to this. But it really is. Why do girls never do that? I will explain why.

Because in their experience, they know that guys:

1) Can take advantage of this for sex.

2) You may think that you are a girl easily accessible

3) What do you say to so many

It was so? Congratulations, most likely the guy who reacted so was …. m … cattle (sorry for slang, but this is the only word that can describe such a person)

And now you should answer the question for yourself. The guy who you like is cattle or not?

If yes, then you can read a lot of useful information on the Internet about borscht, jealousy and falsehood, which you will have to create to be with this person. We do not recommend doing this, but if you want, Google to help.

If not, then an educated, cultured, modern young man will be very happy to hear the words that you like. And believe me, you will be fine.

Here are these three simple steps, making which, you will begin your new relationship, which will bring you a lot of positive emotions, pleasure and more happiness in your life!

Praise the Universe, friends!


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