Online chat in the messenger

Communication with Igor Ecumenical in the telegram chat

Communication in Telegram with Igor Vselenskii. Online chatting, without voice messages from Igor. You can send photos, videos, voices, whatever you want. For the duration of the conversation, Igor devotes all the time only to chat with you. Immerse yourself in an interesting dialogue, in which only you will be discussed! We want you to feel better!

  • Chatting Telegram
  • Anonymous
  • Confidential
  • No restrictions
  • Unforced light atmosphere
  • Igor Vselensky is completely in your attention throughout the entire dialogue
  • Cost: 1 hour – 40

Ready to start? We are ready!

  • Pay the amount of time you need.
  • Email us through this page , specifying a convenient way for you to communicate, day and time.
  • Pour a cup of hot tea and go!

Do not be shy. Our managers will answer all your questions and wishes before calling. We will do everything so that you would be comfortable, convenient and you feel our love!