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These are the five pillars on which the universal religion rests. These are the things you need to know, you need to understand. And here it is necessary to move. That is, take steps, take them into your life.

So, friends, I welcome everyone. Praise the universe. My name is still Igor Vselensky. And today I want to tell you about the 5 formulated pillars on which the Universal Religion rests.

These are very well formulated things. And this is where our work lies. So that you can always read them and remember them easily.

First base

The first, and perhaps the most controversial moment for beginners, is the rejection of norms, morals and frameworks. This is the basis of the basics. Rejection is not in terms of persuading other people. Not in terms of what you are fighting with this. Rejection for you yourself.

That is, when you inside yourself say: “This is no longer mine. This framework, this morality, these norms. It does not concern me anymore.” That is, for you to understand. Moral is a terrible word. It was under the flag of morality, it was under the banner of morality that the most people on this planet were killed. When a person starts talking about morality at a price, be careful. Because his hand is already reaching into your pocket.

Morality is only a subjective view of a person at the world around and what it should be. This is a personal, subjective view. And if you gather a thousand people and ask each of them: “What is moral? What is moral to behave?” And if everyone describes it all in detail. And when you compare, you will understand that there are no two identical opinions. Because people have different moral boundaries.

And this framework comes from childhood, from education. This framework, they are absolutely subjective. And to build a society entirely on morality, to build, as people say, a moral society is utopia. It can not be. This will never happen. Believe me.

Morality is a person’s personal view of how he sees how the world should be. This is a look at the correctness and wrongness of some things. A person evaluates badly or well, relying on the dogmas and stereotypes that were laid in him in childhood. And so bad and good, this is morality in the representation of man.

But each has its own moral. And morality is not objective. Therefore, the first thing on which the ecumenical religion is built is the rejection within yourself of any morality, of any norms and of any framework. It is very important.

Here, many people have a question: “How can you live without morality? How can a society be without morality? How can a person live life successfully without morality?” The answer is simple.

Three components.

Three. Three components. The first. These are the laws of the society in which he lives. Simply put, this is a constitution, a compilation of other laws. This is the first thing you need to comply with man.

The second thing you need to comply with man. These are safety rules. Safety. These are the things on which a person’s life directly depends. That is, if you are engaged in building a house you have safety technology. You understand that you need to wear a helmet and not toss the hammer up. Do you understand?

Safety. And such a safety technique is any case. Concerns family, work, society, friendship. Everywhere there is safety. This is the second thing to know.

And the third is etiquette. Etiquette has always been. And etiquette is formulated very well and for a very long time. All these three rules. Compliance with laws, safety regulations and etiquette ensures maximum efficiency for society. Without morality and without other unnecessary words. Without other lyrics.

These are three important things, observing which society increases its efficiency to the maximum. Absolutely happy people live in it. And no one kills anyone, does not rob and there is no anarchy.

Second base

Now. The second on what to build the ecumenical religion. This is the perception of any event as a story that does not have a rating of good or bad. That is, any event, any incident in the world, any phenomenon is perceived only as part of our history.

Perceived as a story that cannot be assessed as good or bad. As the saying goes, history does not have a subjunctive mood. You can not say: “What if …” The story is written as it is written. And what happens is happening.

And very often people evaluate historical events from the point of view of good or bad. That was such a war is bad. That was such a war is good. Can’t talk. Everything is good, everything is bad. And it is still unknown what a war gave, or some event is good or bad.

There are a lot of factors, millions of facts, which the human brain cannot understand all of them at once. Therefore, any historical event, even a terrible event, which is shown in the news as terrible. This is primarily a historical event. And it should be treated only in this way.

And there is no good or bad. Because what is bad today can give good in the long run. Do you understand? And what can be good today in the long run is bad. And this perspective can be very long, therefore the Universal Religion rests on this second pillar.

We do not evaluate historical events. We do not evaluate the incident. We do not evaluate the phenomena that occur in society, in terms of good or bad. All this is a story. In everything there is, and good, and bad, and good, and evil. If you think in such a framework.

Third base

Third. This is a permanent self-development. The word permanent is very important here. Self-development is not the ultimate goal. This is not the finish. Self-development is a way of life. This is a race to this finish, which is constantly, constantly moving back. That’s what constant self-development is. Here it is very important. Permanent self-development is a way of life.

This lifestyle is called. When your life is built in so that you constantly evolve. This can be a rapid development. It can be a powerful development, and it can be a calm development, a slow development. But it must be permanent. And the goal is not to achieve some level. And the goal is in this movement. This movement is the whole point.

You should not enjoy the end point, but the process itself. That’s what matters. Permanent self-development and enjoyment of them. When you do not think about the finish. When you do not think about what will happen when you read 10 books. You don’t think about it at all. You enjoy the process. And you do not notice how there are 10 books behind, 100 books. What is the constant self-development. This is the third pillar on which the ecumenical religion rests.

Fourth base

Fourth. The division of people into supporters of the Universal religion and not supporters of the Universal religion. And I will explain now. It sounds so-so. It may sound like something hard.

But here is the point. You must divide those people who understand these mechanisms into people who depend on stereotypes. Which can be easily controlled using these stereotypes. Who live in illusions. Whole life is built on the triggers that they laid.

And you do not change these people. You will not change these people because they like life. That’s the point. When you divide people into supporters of the Universal religion into people who live in illusion. Who likes this life. You live with supporters of the Universal religion. Communicate with supporters of the universal religion. But you know how to control ordinary people. You know those triggers, those stereotypes, those labels that can be controlled by these people.

And it is very important to distinguish. Because so many people say: “Then I begin to communicate with ordinary people and we have constant squabbles, constant quarrels. I can not convince them.” They do not need to persuade. You must use these labels, these stereotypes with them, to control them.

Because they want to be managed. They like it. You will not reassure them. Suffice to say one thing, two words. That is, you will immediately see. You will immediately see that a person is a potential supporter of the Universal Religion, or he is the person who likes being ruled.

And you should naturally use this, because you know these mechanisms. Of course, you must use their illusions, their stereotypes, these triggers, patterns in favor of supporters of the Universal religion, in favor of the Universal religion. It `s naturally.

Because these people will live all their lives so that they will be used. This does not mean that you bring them evil, harm them, negative. Not. This does not mean. They used to live like that. They want to live like this. And when you support their illusions, you can say that you bring them some kindness. This is known as a person connected to some system and he is already 100% dependent on this system. And you twist the system a little slider right, left. And in this way, he is pleased.

That is, he will not give up on this system. You can even support him in this system. To support his illusion, because he is not going to crush her. Because he is comfortable in it. Therefore, to divide people is very important. On their own, supporters of the universal religion and on other people that you can control. If you understand these mechanisms. If you study these mechanisms. You can easily manage and these people will like it.

Fifth base

The fifth. The fifth is the enjoyment of the process. This is the most important thing. This is what I said in constant self-development. The goal of the race is not to reach the finish line. The goal of the race is the race itself. Why they say the main thing is not victory, and most importantly participation. The main thing is not participation, the main process.

That is the main thing in any business. Absolutely in any business of your life the main pleasure is the process. If a process does not cause you pleasant emotions, but this process must be done. Try to find in it some things that will bring you pleasure.

It is very important. It is very important to learn to feel this moment. To catch pleasure in the moment. In some intermediate things. It is very important not to live in your thinking finish. Do not live a victory. Very important in this race. Because when you come to the finish line, it may turn out that you will feel that you had to enjoy during the race.

These are the five pillars on which the universal religion rests. The first is the destruction in oneself and the rejection within oneself of norms, morals, frameworks, stereotypes, patterns, and everything else.

The second is the perception of any phenomena, any incidents, any events as historical events. Which can not be evaluated point of view, good or bad.

The third is permanent self-development. This is a way of life when you are constantly moving forward. When you develop intellectually. When you work on yourself. And when you overcome these stereotypes, patterns and frames.

Fourth. This is the ability to divide people into supporters of the Universal religion and those people who live in illusions. And who likes this life in illusions. This fourth.

And the fifth. Enjoyment process. Enjoy the process and not live finish. Enjoy what you have now.

These are the five pillars on which the universal religion rests. These are the things you need to know, you need to understand. And here it is necessary to move. That is, take steps, take them into your life.

Try, try. Not everything is so simple, but you need to work on these. Write them down yourself. Lead on the fridge. Lead to your room. Take me to my computer. Just to be in front of your eyes. And your mind will take these things. And the universe will help you with this. Therefore, there is to some extent a part of the rules of the universe.

So friends, take it into your life. Use it. Get started. Practice. Try to think about these things. Try not to forget them. And only forward. Forward to victories. Your happy life. To the one you want to. And not to the one that is different from you.

Everything! Praise the Universe, friends. And see you soon.


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