1 month назад BECOME A SUPERHERO!
Стань супергероем!

Who are the superheroes? Are they unreal or do they live among us? Can an ordinary person become a real superhero and what are super powers?

Лучшая мотивация 5

Collection of the best motivation of the universal religion # 5. Motivation is not only a source of thoughts, it is also a powerful mood boost!

3 months назад THEY LIE ABOUT 18 …

Every second teenager hears in his life the phrase: “Here you will be 18 years old, then do what you want.” Unfortunately, in most cases this is a hoax. Further from the child require a family, children, work. And this list never ends. Huge pressure and pressure – this is what each person faces.

3 months назад WHAT PLEASURE OF LIFE?

Every morning you ask yourself: “What is the meaning of this life? Where is the pleasure?”. When every day is like a groundhog day, it is difficult to figure it out for yourself, being limited by the framework. How to find pleasure in life? Where are they hiding? Watch the new video of the motivation of the universal religion

5 months назад GIVE IT UP FOR A DREAM

So many people declare their desire to achieve a dream, but so few among them are those who are willing to sacrifice something. Even the smallest.

5 months назад RECOURSE TO SUICIDE

If you have thoughts of suicide, watch this video! The universal religion is with you!

5 months назад LEARN TO FLY

On our channel, a new music is the most powerful motivation for what love is. And how love helps you in your movement towards happiness.


A new video from the site www.cenmod.com about the problem of choice in their lives, which concerns everyone.

5 months назад PRICE YOUR TIME

A new video about the price of time, about the value of life, about the value of your past years. How do you live your years is up to you.

5 months назад THE WORLD IS AS YOU SEE IT

A new video from Igor Ecumenical about how we perceive the world around us. How we see the world around us and how the world perceives us.

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