1 day назад BECOME A SUPERHERO! | Text
Стань супергероем!

Text version of the motivation “Become a super hero!” This motivation is about love for people and non-indifference to others. Everyone can be a superhero!

1 month назад REFUSE TELEVISION. [Text version]

RELEASE FROM THE TV! 09/22/2016 Evening podcast Text version DOWNLOAD OR LISTEN TO MP3 LISTEN TO YOUTUBE Friends, Praise the

3 months назад EVENING AT THE FIREPLACE. Release 7. [Text version]

Evening by the fireplace with Igor Ecumenical. Today we talk about the disadvantages of man. Do they exist? How can this awareness help us in life? Should I correct my character traits?

3 months назад LIVE YOUR LIFE. [Text version]

The most difficult thing in life is to be yourself. We shy ourselves. As a result, we only miss the time, opportunities and those people that you would like the way you are.

3 months назад GLOBALIZATION. [Text version]

Many people think that enjoying is easy, if you have something to enjoy. But what if I tell you that there is always something to enjoy?

3 months назад ALWAYS REMAIN A CHILD. [Text version]

All friends became adults, and I also need. I also need to pretend that I know everything, I understand everything, that I am tired too.

3 months назад LIFE IS A MIRACLE. [Text version]

The world adjusts to you. Show the Universe that you want to see what you want, what would surround you, and the world around you will be like that.

3 months назад MORNING AT THE POOL. Release 1. [Text version]

Morning by the pool – conceptual morning gear, under the hits of the 80s. Palm trees, bright sun and pool. What could be better to start a good day?

3 months назад WHAT WILL BE AFTER DEATH? [Text version]

The question that people have asked themselves since ancient times. How does the universe religion look at life after death? Whether new adventures or life await us – this is the biggest adventure?

3 months назад PERSONALITY MODIFICATION. [Text version]

“Modifying Yourself” is the main theme of our church Modification Center. It is on it that we will dwell more often. Why? See the sermon of Igor the Ecumenical, on the subject of personality modification.

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