5 months назад How to explain to parents that you are homosexual?

Parents believe that they know better than you about everything. They are older, more experienced and know you from birth. So, to explain something to them to become a daunting task, especially when it comes to your sex life. We will try to help you in this matter.

7 months назад Should I use a condom for gay sex?
Защищайте не только вашу любовь, но и ваш организм!

Disputes on this topic arise constantly. Many people ask themselves: “Is it necessary to protect themselves with same-sex sex, because no one will become pregnant.” We answer this important question for many.

9 months назад Why is it better to masturbate than not?
Вредна ли мастурбация

All about the dangers and benefits of masturbation. Is it bad to masturbate or not? Scientific point of view. And good reasons to do it right now!

11 months назад Why do you need a condom?

The school did not tell? Parents are silent? We will tell. Clear and simple.

11 months назад Oral and anal sex

Today we will talk about a very important aspect of life. About sex life in a relationship. Oral and anal sex, sex games and more. Let us analyze from the point of view of the Universal religion.

11 months назад What to do? The girl does not get an orgasm.

What if your girlfriend can’t orgasm? What should I pay attention to, and what should I not think about?

11 months назад Sex without a condom

Having sex without a condom is like jumping without a parachute. Many people think that they control themselves and manage to “pull out.” But such people forget about something else.

11 months назад Whether to use condoms or not?

How many religions, so many opinions. Should I use a condom or not? What to do if the partner refuses to use a condom. We answer not simple questions in this article.