4 months назад What to do with bad parents? [Text version]

What if your parents treat you like a child? How to behave in quarrels with parents? Tired of your father? Is shouting mom? How to leave all this in the past and take up your life? On this and many other things in today’s sermon, which was conducted by Igor Vselensky.

4 months назад Free the nature of the winner [Text version]
Природа победителя

Today we will talk about your success and your nature of a winner. Today we will release a champion hidden inside of you!

4 months назад OWN MISTAKES FIX EASIER THAN FOREIGN [Text version]

We are all wrong. We all learn from our mistakes. but it happens that we make mistakes only when we listen to the advice of others. And at this very moment we realize that our version was the right one. How to avoid mistakes on the advice of others understand this video. Enjoy watching.

4 months назад WHAT TO THINK ABOUT BEFORE A FIGHT? [Text version]

Street fight is a game of chance, where everyone has their own bet. How to emerge victorious from this situation? Watch today’s video!

4 months назад HOW TO KNOW WHAT A MAN THINKS [Text version]

Sometimes it is not possible to understand other people and this complicates mutual understanding. How to understand and accept those around us in our today’s video is Igor Universe.

4 months назад DON’T LAUGH IN SUICIDE [Text Version]

Very often, even successful, rich and happy people can think about suicide. This may be a short depression. And we, the society, must support people at such times, because as soon as a person comes out of depression, he will again live a full life!

4 months назад LISTEN FOR PARENTS OR TO DO HOW YOU WANT [Text version]

Parents tell you: “Do this, work this way, meet this person!” Should I listen to these tips? And why is it all the same for you to rake it all the same? We understand in today’s video.

5 months назад LGBT Friendly – Quality Mark in the XXI Century [Test Version]

How to find a psychologist if you are gay? Where to find an LGBT psychologist? “LGBT FRIENDLY” is a sign that will tell you a lot about a person or a place on a map. This is an indicator of professionalism. How to find a psychologist in our new video. Enjoy watching.

5 months назад I WANT TO TALK ABOUT INTERESTING [Test version]

Today in the new video from Igor Vselensky let’s talk about the news, the site, the forum and your desire. Praise the universe and enjoy viewing.

5 months назад Loneliness

Everyone is sometimes lonely. A person cannot find such a person with whom it would be good to just talk and enjoy it. Or are we just sad at the closest. How to deal with such moments we understand our article.