11 hours назад DO IN LIFE WHAT YOU WANT! [Text version]

New motivation. Are you afraid to seem stupid? Who cares? Hammer on everyone, live as you want!

3 days назад Sex education of the child.

Many detsike questions put an adult in a difficult position, especially questions relating to the sexual sphere of life. How to respond and answer these not simple questions we understand in our article.

5 days назад I’m lazy. How to get rid of laziness?

What if you do not have the strength to get up in the morning? No emotional uplift for your favorite cause? Or even you can not start looking for your favorite business? What to do? How to make yourself go to the gym or to workout? We understand our article how to deal with it.

1 week назад How to survive the death of a loved one?

Sometimes a person is difficult to cope with emotional experiences about the loss of a loved one. Where to look for help? Is it possible to cope with it yourself. We analyze this topic in our article.

1 week назад Treason. How to treat this?

Treason heavy mental shock. And to survive this spiritual upheaval is very difficult. Let’s try in this article to deal with this phenomenon.

1 week назад How to explain to parents that you are homosexual?

Parents believe that they know better than you about everything. They are older, more experienced and know you from birth. So, to explain something to them to become a daunting task, especially when it comes to your sex life. We will try to help you in this matter.

2 weeks назад SAVE YOUR LIFE! (02/09/19) “Day at the beach” [Text version]

Today we will talk about how to protect the rights to your life? And why is it so important to keep your life closer to yourself? We will talk about this and many other things today in the sermon of the Universal Religion, in the format of “A Day at the Beach”. Enjoy your listening!

2 weeks назад FOR SCHOOLBOYS A NEW TREND: “ABSTRACT” [Text version]

FOR SCHOOLBOYS A NEW TREND: “ABSTRACT” Text version WATCH THE VIDEO Praise the Universe, friends. I salute you. And recently,

2 weeks назад “DRESSED VULGARLY” PART 2 [Text version]

The second part of the video is “DRESSED VULGARLY.” Today we talk about relativity. Everything in our world is relative, especially the opinions of people. This is the thing that is definitely worth understanding in life. Praise the universe!


All around and they say that it is necessary to destroy stereotypes and frames. But for some reason no one says exactly what stereotypes and frames. Of course, because this topic is as uncomfortable as possible. Stereotypes and frames – a taboo (forbidden) topic in society. That is why almost all business coaches and motivators bypass this.