Friends, we present the track according to the plot of the sermon “SAVE YOUR LIFE” by Igor Vselensky. Enjoy your listening!

3 days назад TRAILER “GOLDEN CALF”

February 8, 2019 died a wonderful actor Sergey Yursky. In memory of him, we prepared a trailer for the film, in which Sergey Yursky played the brightest major role. This trailer is dedicated to all the brilliant Soviet actors and Soviet cinema. And of course, the trailer is dedicated to genius writers – Ilf and Petrov. If you are not familiar with this masterpiece, be sure to look at it for the weekend. Praise the universe!

1 week назад SAVE YOUR LIFE! (02/09/19) “A Day at the Beach” | Premiere the of a new release

Today we will talk about how to protect the rights to your life? And why is it so important to keep your life closer to yourself? We will talk about this and many other things today in the sermon of the Universal Religion, in the format of “A Day at the Beach”. Enjoy your listening!

2 weeks назад EVENING IN MEMORY OF Kirill Tolmatsky | Premiere

Friends, today we will spend the evening in memory of Cyril Tolmatsky. Recall his first hits, watch clips and talk about those times.

3 weeks назад DECREASE STEREOTYPES: “MASSAGE OR S * KC?” | Premiere new video

Today you will learn about one of the methods that allows you to destroy the stereotypes of thinking. This method is called “smooth transformation” or “metamarphosis.”

3 weeks назад TO THE SUPPORTERS OF THE UNIVERSAL RELIGION | Premiere of the new video

Praise the Universe, friends! Friends, our site was a DDOS attack,

4 weeks назад WHAT DO ALL THESE MOTIVATORS AND BUSINESS TRAINERS SAY? | Premiere of the new video

All around and they say that it is necessary to destroy stereotypes and frames. But for some reason no one says exactly what stereotypes and frames.

4 weeks назад SCHOOLBOYS HAVE A NEW TREND: “ABSTRACT” | Premiere of the new video

Young people have a new trend: “Abstain from masturbation.” Thousands of paid sites publish information about the benefits of abstinence, while hiding all the negative consequences and promising the fragile minds of the mountains of gold.

4 weeks назад “DRESSED VULGARLY” | Premiere of the new video

Today we talk about relativity. Everything in our world is relative, especially the opinions of people. This is the thing that is definitely worth understanding in life. Praise the universe!

1 month назад PREMIERE OF THE NEW VIDEO. How to make the right choice in life?

In the new video, Igor Vselensky tells how to make the right choice in life. Why not trust the choice of his path to other people.