Preacher of the Universal Religion

Игорь ВселенскийIgor Vselensky is a preacher of the Universal religion. Author of books and guides on personal development. He is an artist, poet, inspirer and motivator. Igor Vselensky is a man with a lot of experience under his belt. From game design to social performances. From the creation of automated systems to conduct public marketing companies. At the moment of the Universal religion’s birth, Igor left all work and entirely devoted himself to the Universal religion. At the moment Igor lives in Poland and is engaged in psychological rehabilitation and he helps people.

People from all over the world seek his help, because only with the Universal religion a person can make the very leap that will lead him to harmony.

What do people say about Igor Vselensky?

23 years old. Screenwriter.

Константин“Igor Vselensky is the brightest person I know. He has an amazing personality. I do not want to say that he is a genius, but this is true. Moreover, he is the most responsive person I know. Feel bad? You just call him and everything gets easier. If I have a difficult life situation, I know who I will call first. Once I was put in a clinic and nobody knew where I was. Guess which of my friends found me? That’s right, it was Igor Vselensky. He visited all the city clinics and eventually found me. When Igor Vselensky is in your life, everything is much easier. “


18 years. Student. Painter.

Андрей“Igor is a unique person. He does not just want to change the world for the better, he is already changing it. We met him at a rally when he bought bread and with the guys distributed it to the old people at the metro station. What for? For what? Until I met him, I did not understand this, I thought it was some kind of advertising campaign. It turned out he did it simply because he liked it. He just enjoys life and when you look at him, you want to be the same. I want to help others and become a better version of myself. I’m glad to know him, he is extraordinary. He is as safe as a house. Igor always know what to do, who to call if something went wrong. I don’t know how he does that, but when Igor is there, you feel safe.”


33 years. Designer and IT developer.

Марк“Sometimes it seems that he knows a lot more than he says. And he knows how to listen. I had a story with Igor. I got acquainted with Igor at one art exhibition and then we communicated only on the Internet. By that time I had been working in a financial organization for 5 years and I had a period of deepest depression. I didn’s have the strengh to work, but even worse – to live. And I wrote Igor that I was on the verge. Igor overcomed 300 kilometers to me and we’ve been talking all night. It was like a dream, he just was there and my problems were solved one by one. My whole life was divided into “before this night” and “after.” The world has become much easier. Everything has become easier. And I got a second wind.
Now Igor lives in Poland, and I am in Finland, we regularly communicate online, because it seems to me that he knows me better than everyone. This is the feeling when you’re understood. And I am glad that I have Igor in my life and I really want other people to feel it too! ”


Photos of Igor Vselensky