Igor Vselensky“Now you will learn how the Universal Religion appeared. Where does it come from and from which question it all began. And, of course, you will learn why the Universal Religion is the future of humanity. We wrote this story for you, separating the important from the superfluous. We did it with love and we want this love for the discovery of the world to be passed on to you. Become a discoverer! It will change you!”

Igor Vselensky

To begin a story about the history of the universal religion should be a story about how our world appeared. It may seem to you that the history of the origin of the universe and the universal religion are in no way connected, but this is only at first glance. Starting from the very beginning, you will understand the laws by which our world lives and you will see that the Universal Religion is a logical and logical step.
So where did time and space come from? Where did life come from? How did our planet appear?
We tried to tell all the subtleties as simple as possible and tried to minimize the amount of scientific information by posting links where you can always delve into the study of the universe.

If you look at the night starry sky, then you will see thousands of stars. In fact, you will see not only the stars, but also the galaxies, which seem to be very small dots because of the huge distance. If you have a telescope in your hands, you will see disproportionately more …

Warning! Everything you read on our website is strictly scientific, verified information. We provide all materials with links to scientific publications. The universal religion adheres to the scientific point of view, so you can be sure about the accuracy of information. We do not substitute concepts, we do not attract facts, we do not speculate with scientific research. We present information as it is written in scientific journals. We do not do what 99% of other religions do, we do not distort the facts. We do not need it, because all scientific facts only confirm the Universal religion.


To understand something important, you must always start from the beginning. And let’s start from the very, very beginning.

Man has always watched the starry sky throughout its history. The starry sky attracted man with its beauty and mystery. For hundreds of thousands of years, man wondered, “What is it, above my head?” With the advent of the exact sciences, scientists were able to see that all the stars and galaxies are moving away from each other. The universe is expanding! This meant one thing – once upon a time everything that exists in our world was at one point.

Thousands of scientists sacrificed themselves for the sake of studying this process. And today the result of their work is an understanding of how our space and time originated..

The point from which the universe emerged is called the cosmological singularity.

The universe emerged from a cosmological singularity 14 billion years ago. in 3 minutes.

The emergence of this singularity was strictly proved in 1967 by Stephen Hawking. [Wikipedia]
The early Universe was a highly homogeneous and isotropic medium with an unusually high energy density, temperature and pressure. As a result of expansion and cooling, phase transitions (Epochs) have occurred in the Universe, which you will now learn about.[Wikipedia]

3 minutes of the birth of the universe

The origin of the universe can be mentally divided into three stages:

  • Big bang. Time 0-3 minutes.
  • Epochs of origin of the substance of the Universe. 3 minutes – 380,000 years.
  • The formation of the planets and our solar system. 550 million years – Our time.

Big Bang. Time 0-3 minutes since the birth of the universe.

We will list only the epochs into which the birth of the whole Universe is divided, for more details on what happened in each era, you can read on this page in [Wikipedia]

  • Сingularity
    0 seconds.
    Big Bang
  • Planck Age
    0 – 10 −43 s
    Particle origin
  • Age of Great Unification
    10 −43 – 10 −35 s
    Separation of gravity from the combined electro-weak and strong interaction.
  • Inflationary Age
    10 −35 – 10 −32 s
    The universe exponentially increases its radius by many orders of magnitude. The structure of the primary quantum fluctuations, swelling, gives rise to a large-scale structure of the Universe. Secondary heating.
  • Electroweak
    10 −32 – 10 −12 s
    Due to very high energies, a number of exotic particles are formed, such as the Higgs boson and the W-boson, the Z-boson.
  • Quark Epoch
    10 −12 – 10 −6 s
    Electroweak symmetry is broken, all four fundamental interactions exist separately. Quarks are not yet merged into hadrons.
  • Hadron Epoch
    10 −6 – 100 s
    Hadronization. Annihilation of baryon-antibaryon pairs. Due to CP violation, a small excess of baryons over antibaryons remains
  • Lepton Age
    100 seconds – 3 minutes
    Part of neutrons decay. The substance becomes transparent to the neutrino.
  • Proton Epoch
    3 minutes – 380,000 years
    The substance begins to dominate over radiation (70,000 years), which leads to a change in the mode of expansion of the Universe. At the end of the epoch (380,000 years), hydrogen recombines and the Universe becomes transparent for photons of thermal radiation.
  • Dark Ages
    380 000–550 Ma
    The universe is filled with hydrogen and helium, relic radiation, radiation of atomic hydrogen at 21 cm. Stars, quasars and other bright sources are absent.
  • Reionization
    550 million – 800 million years since the Big Bang
    The first stars, quasars, galaxies, clusters and superclusters of galaxies are formed. Reionization of hydrogen with the light of stars and quasars.
  • Era of matter
    800 million years since the beginning of the Big Bang to 9.1 billion years (there are still 4.5 billion years left).
    The formation of the interstellar cloud that gave rise to the solar system.
    The formation of the Earth and other planets of our solar system, the solidification of rocks.

4.54 billion years ago, the planet Earth, orbiting the star Sun, appears.

So it took the Universe 9.1 billion years to start creating planets in space. This is a huge period, just look at this figure: 9.1 billion years.

The appearance of the planet Earth

In a process known as accretion, planets in the solar system are formed. Thus, the Earth was formed about 4.54 billion years ago (with an error of 1%). This process was largely completed within 10–20 million years. [Wikipedia]

Emergence of life

On Earth, life originated about 4.1-3.8 billion years ago. The oldest known fossil stromatolites have an age of 3,700,000,000 billion years. The study of stromatolites allowed unambiguously to associate their formation with the vital activity of colonies of filamentous cyanobacteria.

Stromatolites at the bottom of the sea. Australia.


There are by and large three views on the emergence of life:

  • Creation of life by gods / wizards / sorcerers, etc.
    Naturally, this theory does not stand up to even the smallest scientific criticism and contradicts all scientific research, therefore we will not discuss it here. The mere existence of stromatolites destroys all the magical theories of “the emergence of life in a week.”
  • Creating life on Earth by an alien civilization.
    This theory says that extraterrestrial civilization brought life to Earth. But even in this case, the question arises about the appearance of the aliens themselves. Which, in fact, again brings us back to the question of the emergence of life.
  • Bringing life from space on a meteorite or asteroid.
    It is a very likely theory, but then we are interested in where this life came from on an asteroid. Therefore, we return to our question again.

Chemical origin of life.

The only concept that explains all the scientific findings, discoveries and experiments. Like many things in our life, everything is much simpler and, on the other hand, much more complicated. For millennia, people reflected on how life began, and everything changed after the catalytic ability of RNA was discovered in the laboratory of T. Chek and S. Oltman in the USA in the early 1980s.

The last common ancestor of all living organisms inhaled hydrogen from underwater volcanoes.

In addition to the RNA world, other chemical pathways for the origin of life have been proposed, and life based on RNA may not have been the first. Nevertheless, enough evidence has been found for the existence of the RNA world, so the hypothesis has been widely accepted. [Wikipedia]

МDid life come out of lifeless?

That’s exactly what happens in the universe. Science has proven that as a result of the use of ultraviolet rays, it is possible to artificially synthesize not only amino acids, but also other organic substances. According to Oparin’s theory, the formation of coacervate drops could be a further step along the path to the emergence of protein bodies. Under certain conditions, the aqueous shell of organic molecules acquired clear boundaries and separated the molecule from the surrounding solution. Molecules, surrounded by a water shell, combined to form multimolecular complexes – coacervates. Further, the coacervate drops were subjected to natural selection, which ensured their evolution. [Wikipedia]

More facts about the chemical generation of life

Basic data on chemical evolution were obtained as a result of model experiments, during which it was possible to obtain complex organic molecules by simulating various chemical compositions of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, and climatic conditions.

In a broad sense, abiogenesis is the emergence of the living from the inanimate, that is, the initial hypothesis of the modern theory of the origin of life. In the 1920s, Academician Oparin suggested that high-concentration zones may spontaneously form in solutions of high-molecular compounds, which are relatively separated from the external environment and can maintain an exchange with it. He called them Coacervate drops, or simply coacervates.

In 1953, Stanley Miller experimentally carried out the abiogenic synthesis of amino acids and other organic substances under conditions reproducing the conditions of the primitive Earth.

In 2008, American biologists took an important step toward understanding the initial stages of the birth of life. They managed to create a “protocell” with a shell of simple lipids and fatty acids, capable of drawing from the environment nucleotide monophosphates activated by imidazole – the “building blocks” necessary for DNA synthesis. In 2011, Japanese scientists reported that they managed to create vesicles with a cationic envelope and DNA elements inside, capable of dividing as a result of a polymerase chain reaction that replicates DNA.

You may be intimidated by a number of scientific terms, but everything is easier. In the laboratory, scientists were able to create simplest cells from inanimate substances. All these scientific works undoubtedly prove the possibility of the birth of life in a natural chemical way.

In fact, there are many options for chemical spontaneous generation of life, they all differ in details, the environment in which spontaneous generation is likely, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that science has experimentally proved that the emergence of life from inanimate materials is possible, and the probability of such nucleation is great.
It may seem to you that it is very difficult, because these experiments were carried out by scientists, but there are no scientists in nature. Nature had time! A huge span of 500,000,000 years.
Earth appeared 4.567 billion years ago
Life appeared 4.1-3.8 billion years ago

On the path of the birth of life on the planet was 500 billion years. That was enough. If we consider that the whole history of a person is 10 million years, the period for the birth of life, 5000 times larger, was quite sufficient.

And then in the universe turns on an amazing mechanism of evolution, which creates real miracles, real miracles, unprecedented things!

Evolution is a global mechanism of the Universe!

Despite the ambiguous perception in society, evolution as a natural process is a well-established scientific fact, has a huge amount of evidence and does not cause doubts in the scientific community. Many people, when they hear the word “evolution”, exclaim: “Are we descended from monkeys? What nonsense! Why don’t the other monkeys turn into humans?” The fact is that evolution has never proved that man descended from apes. Evolution proves that monkeys and humans had a common ancestor, and he was not a monkey or a man. A relationship with monkeys shows DNA, coinciding by 99% (previously it was thought that 98.7%) [Wikipedia]

Evolution is an extremely amazing and amazing thing. Studying evolution, a person can learn a lot of rules, patterns and lessons. In Universal Religion, evolution plays a huge role, so you will soon be able to read a separate section on evolution.

Evolution by natural selection is a process that follows from three facts about populations:

  • more offspring are born than they can survive;
  • different organisms have different traits, which leads to
  • differences in survival and the probability of leaving offspring;

  • these traits are inheritable.

These conditions lead to the emergence of intraspecific competition and selective elimination of individuals least adapted to the environment, which leads to an increase in the next generation of the proportion of individuals whose traits contribute to survival and reproduction in this environment. Natural selection is the only known reason for adaptations, but not the only reason for evolution. Non-adaptive causes include genetic drift, gene flow, and mutations.

From the appearance of the first life to the advent of human evolution, a period of ~ 3,994,000,000 years was required (~ 4 billion years, the time of appearance of life is 6-7 million years, the appearance of the first Homo). This is a huge period in the history of our planet, when the animal world reigned on Earth.

human appearance

The appearance of a person cannot be considered a miracle in the usual sense of the word, as a kind of special phenomenon. Of course, this is a miracle, like everything that happens in the Universe, but the appearance of man is a natural result of the whole story that you read above. The appearance of a person is logical and logical. On the appearance of man took 3.9 billion years!

But the appearance of man was not so simple. Evolution branched organisms like a huge tree. Before our view of Homo sapiens, there were still Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo rudolfensis and many others. Evolution is diversity for the sake of efficiency. As the most effective of all Homo people survived.
You can read about other types of Homo here. [Wikipedia]

Comparison of mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms and fossil dating suggests that Homo sapiens (modern humans like you and me) appeared about 200,000 years ago.

About 74,000 years ago, a small population (about two thousand people) that survived the effects of a very powerful volcanic eruption (~ 20–30 years of winter), presumably Toba volcano in Indonesia, became the ancestor of modern people in Africa. It can be assumed that 60,000 – 40,000 years ago people migrated to Asia and from there to Europe (40,000 years), Australia and America (35,000 – 15,000 thousand years).[Wikipedia]

Comparison of mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms and fossil dating suggests that Homo sapiens (modern humans like you and me) appeared about 200,000 years ago.

About 74,000 years ago, a small population (about two thousand people) that survived the effects of a very powerful volcanic eruption (~ 20–30 years of winter), presumably Toba volcano in Indonesia, became the ancestor of modern people in Africa. It can be assumed that 60,000 – 40,000 years ago people migrated to Asia and from there to Europe (40,000 years), Australia and America (35,000 – 15,000 thousand years).

The man began to try to explain to himself what was around and what was his place in this world.

When a person reads individual fragments of our human history, it all seems like a very complex mechanism to him. But when you follow the course from the very beginning, you begin to see the logic. And when you learn about evolution, you understand how it works. Did not see? See it. The first fact of evolution says: “More offspring are born than they can survive.” This is a very important postulate. That is, for the sake of something small, a lot of things are created that are doomed to death in advance, in other words, failure. And really. In space, creates a huge number of stars. The number of stars with planets is already smaller. The number of planets with living conditions is even smaller. The number of planets with life originated is even smaller. The number of planets with life that survived after cataclysms is even smaller. But if you take the number of stars in our Universe and calculate the probability of life near them, you will be surprised. The universe is teeming with life in all its corners, because there are a lot of stars, really many. It’s not even millions of millions, but much more! That is why the universe has not created one star, one planet and one person. Because evolution doesn’t work that way. For a successful evolution, more must be born than it can survive.

Well, then, my friends, there passes a huge period of becoming a man, 200,000 years long. A person is experiencing global catastrophes, ice ages and many things that are incomprehensible to him. The person is trying to find an explanation for everything, logic. It takes about 190,000 years. Just imagine: remember the last hundred years of our history, add the Middle Ages there, knights, wars, put them together from the 15th century and reach the 10th century. And now, to understand how many people lived multiply this time by 200. This is a great era!

And every night, a person looks at the starry sky and realizes that there is some sense in it that is incomprehensible to him.

The origin of religions.

10 thousand years ago, there is a culture of farming, and the human population begins to grow rapidly. A lot of food appears, and people begin to feel stability.

Up to this point, human life was not easy, and it was characterized by transience. The man was not so dependent on the weather and the harvest. With the advent of agriculture, it began to depend on the rains, the seasons, the fertility of the land, the structure of society, and many factors. Secondly, time has been freed from man. Cities began to form, so people began to work. Someone worked in the field, and in the evening he could rest. Artisans began to appear. A person has more free time. People began to make stocks, so it is logical that over time people began to appear whose stocks allowed them to live without working. And people wanted to give it all some meaning. This desire was unconscious, but it was logical, normal and expected. And of course, in the desire of a person to get the best yields, the emergence of religions was only a matter of time. Religion was brightened up by the very harsh life of the ancient people, it gave them hope in difficulties, of which there was a huge amount, being essentially the only leisure at that time, and though it was a primitive answer to the question: “What is going on here?”

Religion was not only an explanation of the world, but also motivation for people, as well as the first set of knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

There were more people, and everyone saw this world in their own way. Variety of religions.

Ancient religions were born out of an attempt to explain nature. Various natural phenomena were attached to human features. Many people treat this with disdain: “What were stupid people, once thought that the god of lightning throws lightning.” But you will be surprised. This mechanism (giving the whole human appearance) all of us gave us the evolution of the universe. And this is in each of you. When a silhouette appeared to you in the dark – this is it. When you see a face in a rosette photo, this is it. When you see a person as if in objects, this is it. This is the very mechanism that allowed your ancestors to survive, recognizing danger in time. Therefore, the humanization of natural phenomena is also a very logical process in the development of our civilization. And this mechanism originated the first religions. Perhaps Australopithecus (the ancestors of a man who did not survive) did not have such a mechanism, and perhaps that is why he did not survive in the harsh ancient squabbles and wars without recognizing danger in time.

The first religion was simple, as was society itself, because any religion is a mirror of society. According to the religions, according to the ancient religious literature, we can say what people dreamed at that time, what they were afraid of, what they regretted most of all in everyday life. And with the growth of settlements and religion grew.

After 6-8 thousand years of existence of a settled civilization, we can see what the first religion has become. Ancient Egypt. The gods have names, biographies, stories, rules.

Residents of ancient Egypt are not much different from the modern man in everyday life. The same problems, the same dreams, the same joys. Ancient Egypt was a very developed society and, of course, it was reflected in Egyptian mythology. She is fascinating, she is striking in its beauty and surprisingly subtle rituals. Residents of ancient Egypt were the “elite” on Earth at one time, so the request was on specifics: they wanted to know everything about the gods and understand how everything works.

In Egyptian mythology there were many gods, although many argue that the main god has always been one (but this is not the point). In the XIV century BC. e. Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton), who introduced the cult of Aton, carried out significant religious reforms. In fact, it was already a religion with faith in one single god. After the death of Akhenaten in Egypt, everything returned back. This episode in the history of mankind could be called “the first trial of Christianity.” This was an unsuccessful attempt. Society was not yet ready, so the next step in the evolution of our society happened only after 1400 years.

But evolution is moving forward, and not only biological, but also social. Humanity is growing and becoming ready for the emergence of the Abrahamic religions – religions in which there is no place for many gods, and people begin to believe in one god. From a marketing point of view, it was a simplification and an attempt to monopolize the religions of different countries. Figuratively speaking, religion has become as simple as possible. Christianity and other similar religions appeared. And again, according to the first rule of evolution, for the emergence of something new, the old is necessary. Therefore, Christians take stories and stories from Egyptian, Sumerian and other mythologies and come up with a new religion. You ask: what stories? Almost everything. From the birth of their messiah (among Christians Jesus) to the world stream. All these are stories that the Egyptians and Sumer had long before the appearance of Christianity.

For example, the biblical story of Noah reveals a special resemblance to the legends of other Middle Eastern peoples. The most ancient of the dated cuneiform Babylonian tablets with a story about the flood refers to approx. 1637 BC e. and thus turns out to be significantly older than the biblical version. Fragments of a Sumerian poem were also found, which apparently influenced the creation of the Babylonian work (the plate refers to the 18th century BC). The Sumerian legend itself is very ancient, its final literary processing dates back to the time of the 3rd dynasty of Ur (2111-2003 BC).[Wikipedia]

Sumerians and the Bible

After the discovery of the Epic of Gilgamesh, it became clear that the story of the Flood, as set forth in the Bible, is only a retelling of a more ancient legend created in Dvorichie. George Smith retrieved the eleventh song of the epic of the 20,000 tablets that made up the library of Assyria’s master, Ashshurbanipal. The Assyrians borrowed the story of Gilgamesh from the more ancient inhabitants of the Tigris and Euphrates valley – the Babylonians. And the more scholars studied the Sumerian culture, mythology, literature, the clearer it became to them that the Bible owes the Sumerians a large number of their “inspired truths”.

Eve, as the Bible states, was created from the “rib of Adam” … Why from the rib? Theologians and historians of religions have long fought over this issue. And only when the Sumerian myth about the god Enki and the goddess Ninhursag became known, it became clear that here we are dealing, in the words of one of the Orientalists, with “one of the first literary mistakes.” In Sumerian, the word “ti” means both “edge” and “give life.” Therefore, the goddess, created to heal the pain in the rib of the ruler of the waters of the Sumerian god Enki, bore the name Ning-ti, which meant “Madame of the rib”, and “Madame, life-giving.” Simply put, no one from any of the ribs did not create, but the Sumerian word was just misunderstood, which meant “to give life”.

The Epic of Gilgamesh, or the poem On the All That Has Seen, is one of the oldest surviving literary works in the world, the largest work written in cuneiform, one of the greatest works of literature. 1800 BC

Researchers find in the Bible and other parallels with the “Epos”. In particular, there is a similarity between the stories of Enkidu and Shamkhat and the biblical narration about Adam and Eve. [Wikipedia]

After the first Christians retell in the Bible the plots of more ancient peoples, Christianity appears. But it is unlikely that the Bible would become so popular if it were a simple retelling of more ancient histories of various nations. In the Bible, all these stories are endowed with even more morality. If the meaning of the stories of the Sumerians was to explain “who we are all from and where we came from,” then in the Bible this emphasis shifts and turns into “no matter who and where, the main thing is how to live.” And another 2000 years is required for such a new, simplified version of the ancient religions to become what we see today – a certain institution of archaic morality of the ancient world. Of course, the Abrahamic religions are trying to develop and be relevant, but they are not very successful for several reasons. And one of these reasons is dogma.

ATTENTION! This site does not offend other religions and views. Any our assessment is an assessment only from a scientific and social point of view. We respect the entire path that humankind has traveled, including all religions that were part of our evolution. Every religion was needed by humanity at a certain point in time, and we recognize this and respect all religions for our contribution.

Dogmas destroy any development

So, if we speak more simply, then 99% of modern religions are a simplified version of ancient Egyptian and Sumerian mythology. Simplified in order to speed up the spread. And it worked. The Christian religion spread across the earth very quickly. People tried to help the disadvantaged and orphans, to do good things, and everything would be fine, if not for one “but.” Such a simplified religion has already explained nothing, but only forced a person to believe dogmas – things that do not tolerate challenging. This was the very same crack that killed such religions, because any religion built on dogmas sooner or later loses to science. When religion says one thing, and science is different, people believe in science, because science saves people, raises the standard of living and creates comfort. And he does it not in words but in deeds. Creating something on dogmas is initially a losing business. Unfortunately, in the days of ancient Rome and Egypt, few were aware of this.

Science and Abrahamic religions

Science, like evolution, moves exponentially, incrementally, exponentially, because one invention is fundamental to dozens of others. And modern religions were not ready for this, because they did not study evolution, they denied it. If they had studied the world, and not a fictional god, they would have foreseen this and done something about it. They would change the archaic rules, constantly adapt to the time. But they did not do anything, alas, because that was their initially losing concept. As a result, for example, the Catholic Church only officially recognized in 1996 that the Earth was round. Yes! In 1996! 22 years ago! When the church itself already used the telephone and satellites.

In principle, after that, the Catholic Church was supposed to close, because it is extremely untenable. But why not closed? The answer is simple. With the development of our civilization, not only the comfort of life increases, but also problems: social inequality, depressions, lack of realization in a large society. And the Abrahamic religions allow a person to forget about it and give, albeit an imaginary, but hope for a happy life in a fantasy world after death. And for people who do not have time to explore the world, this is enough. And this is also not bad. As they say: “Where science does not reach, religion will reach.” Religion teaches African children to read and write, not scientists. Religious missions give gifts to children around the world, not scientists. This is the important function of religion.

But there must be many religions, and a person must have a choice. And we want to provide you with an alternative, we want to show you the next step in the evolution of our society, the evolution of our species and the evolution of the entire Universe. That is why we wanted to introduce you to our entire global history. So you see the pattern. First, the cosmos evolves, then life evolves, then thought evolves! And this is all part of a huge evolution of the universe. And we have prepared something amazing for you!

The emergence of the universal religion

But despite the enormous spread of Abrahamic religions, there has always been a request for an explanation in the world. It is an explanation of the world. Not a description, not a moral instruction, but an explanation. Even in the days of Egyptian mythology, ancient Roman mythology, there were people who tried to dig deeper – scientists and philosophers. And of course, every person who studied history and religious studies understood that modern religion is only a retelling of more ancient sources, therefore, by definition, it cannot be considered effective, because when you read the story of the Flood, you read the stories of the Sumerians who tell this story told the Babylonians, who told this story to someone else. Hope for some documentary accuracy is meaningless, because oral retelling always destroys the details and creates new ones, especially if the narrator speaks another language.

In the twentieth century, the world moved into a new era. He moved into the era of information, the so-called information age.

Also, the era is characterized by ample opportunities for people to freely transmit and receive information and instant access, both to mastered knowledge, and to any information about plans set by humanity.

If you look at the night starry sky, then you will see thousands of stars. In fact, you will see not only the stars, but also the galaxies, which seem to be very small dots because of the huge distance. If you have a telescope in your hands, you will see disproportionately more …

But as in any era, there are disadvantages. One of the problems is choosing the right information. Waves of spam and flood (not only on the Internet, but also in the media) sometimes make getting the really necessary, useful information difficult to accomplish.

Old religions coped with questions of society in the agrarian and industrial eras, because the difference between these eras is not so much from the point of view of thought, but from the point of view of the physical form of society. The information age changes the way of thinking, changes the thinking of people, and the form of society does not change.

That is why people who do not know about it, it seems that nothing special is happening, because the form does not change. But in fact, with the entry of humanity into the information age, the most important thing has changed – thinking.

And religion, claiming to be the dominant one, setting itself the task of helping and educating, should be on the same wavelength with the new society. It must be in the spirit of the information religion, it must understand these mechanisms. It should not be built on archaic dogmas. In the ancient world, you could invent a story about your flight to the Sun and travel with it the whole world, you would believe, you would be loved. Now, it will take two minutes for any teenager to expose your story. Need an information religion!

And that is what we call the Universal Religion. This is an unbiased, evolutionary view of man on the world, on a place in the Universe, on life. This desire is not just to live, but to understand!

“Cyberspace consists of interactions and relationships, thinking and building itself up like a standing wave in the interweaving of our communications. Our world is everywhere and nowhere, but not where our bodies live. ”

The ecumenical religion has united in itself all the colossal knowledge that has been accumulated by our civilization outside of religious influence. The universal religion originates from the very first scientists, thinkers, philosophers. The universal religion begins when a person, trying to memorize the stars, unites them in the form of a person with a shield or a lion. The ecumenical religion does not fade away when the Greek teacher takes a wand and draws a circle on the earth to his disciples. And the ecumenical religion begins to shine when a new generation of people arrives who need an explanation.

The universal religion existed from that very first question of the ancient man: “Who am I?” The universal religion is the absence of fear of knowing the truth, feeling less important in this world, this desire to know yourself and your nature.

And of course, as you can see, the Universal Religion is an evolutionary and logical development of society.

For so many people, the transition to the information age turned out to be too difficult morally, that is why so many people still adhere to the old views. So it’s easier for people to live for today. But everything develops exponentially, the speed is constantly growing, and such people, who calm themselves with the old thinking, become less and less. They are replaced by a person of the information age, who already intuitively feels that the old does not have to be forgotten, but it is not necessary to use it. The evolution of the Universe creates a new generation of people who will lead the whole civilization, the people of champions who have won their ignorance, ignorance and passivity. And for these people, the Universal Religion was created, as the best guide to a real, progressive life in harmony with the world. And of course, the Universal Religion is motivation, it is learning, it is leisure.

“In the Universal religion, new horizons will open up to you, about which no one else will tell! ”

We collect together all the knowledge of all sciences, all data, all the facts and open for you the real world, which is much more amazing than any invented fairy tale.

This is how the Ecumenical religion appeared. She did not appear at one moment, she always existed. Universal religion is an evolution in its purest form. And we really wanted you to see it. The evolution of the cosmos, the evolution of animals, the evolution of thought! As mentioned earlier, we didn’t distort a single figure, we didn’t come up with a single scientific fact, we indicated all the links, and you can learn more about it by going over them. On the same site we are talking about the most important thing. We take science and show you something more, something that changes your life! And we believe that the Universe is a single and indivisible mechanism in which everything is interconnected.

And if you understand this language, we invite you to look into our teaching and discover new thoughts, a new world and a new reality for you. You will join the most brilliant thinkers, meet great scientists, and if you want to take a step into your new future, you will become a supporter of the Universal religion!