Here you can meet people who have contributed to the Universal Religion. Every person who devotes a part of his life to the development of the Universal Religion is worthy of being immortalized for centuries, as part of the great pioneer party. This page was created for future generations who will continue what we have begun.


Alexandra Zheltova
Publishing Editor

“I became a different person after my acquaintance with the Universal religion. But I, like most of those who saw it for the first time, initially thought:” Why is it written here “religion” when it comes to personally my life? If I like all this, then I must be a sectarian? And what will parents think? “- well, and so on. Changes in any way were a great discomfort for me, and even if it came to my previous views, even more so. But I decided to try, because I wanted to learn how to choose it’s better for me. After a few months, I began not only to listen, but also to apply what I learned. The words no longer seemed just “beautiful,” they became “instructing.” I tried this and that … If I were accidentally on the Internet I didn’t stumble upon the video “Know it while you are young,” then I wouldn’t even have thought later, for example, writing to a person who lives in another country, because she was simply very afraid to appear “imperfect”, but the truth was that I was afraid of myself, afraid of making a mistake, making me look stupid. Now I get high from communicating with people from all over the world, and before I wouldn’t even ask a stranger about the way, and this is just one example of its influence on my life, which continues to change with each new video.
I am so glad that there are people who develop it. Thank you so much for your trip to a new life! “

Andrey Kozhevnikov
Publisher, translation into foreign languages ​​

“I dream of a world where everyone can be himself. Where everyone will have the right to live at the call of the soul, while respecting the freedom of others. Where humanity, compassion and humanism will be stronger than hate and violence. Where no one will be harassed and insulted because of his origin, mother tongue, religious beliefs, appearance, sexual orientation. Where everyone can live, create, love and be loved without hiding his face. And I believe in this world with all my heart and into what he comes in. And believing in him, we make him possible “.

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