Igor Vselensky“The universal religion is an amazing way of thinking, an amazing view of life and a wonderful faith. On this page you can get acquainted with the basics of our dogma. All that the Universal religion says is simple, if you discard stereotypes and try to see the principles. They are not so complicated, but they are fundamental and able to reform your life! I invite you to a new life, full of knowledge, discoveries, inventions and pleasures! “

Igor Vselensky

The universal religion believes in the unity and indivisibility of the whole universe.

This means that everything that happens in the Universe is necessary for it. There is nothing bad or good. Bad or good is only the view of a person from his subjective human point of view. Everything in this world: from the flap of a butterfly’s wings to the fall of an asteroid on Jupiter – is necessary.

We believe that the main goal of the Universe is the evolution of the Universe. Evolution is the main way of life.

This means that everything that creates the Universe is created for global evolution. Be it stars, planets, animals, man. By studying the mechanisms of evolution, you will be able to more effectively build your life and learn the principles by which the Universe lives.

We believe that man is a necessary part of the universe, like everything else.

This means that man is one of the sides of the universe. All that a person feels, what he thinks about, what he feels – feels and feels the Universe. Man is not the center of the world. Man is not something unique. Man is only a logical link in global evolution. Man is not unique in the universe, but is only one of the infinite number of particles in the universe.

We believe that the Universe gives man pleasure in return for participation in evolution.

This means that the meaning of a person’s life is to enjoy life. The mechanism of the universe is designed so that, enjoying, man performs his role in global evolution. The universe gives rise to every organism for pleasure – physical, emotional, intellectual. Striving for these pleasures, man works for evolution. This is one of the mechanisms of evolution, which has been in operation for 14 billion years.

We believe that the universe cares about man and protects him.

This means that mankind is threatened only by man himself. Only man himself can worsen his life, the Universe gave everyone a wonderful life in a wonderful world. The universe did everything for man. But man complicates his life himself, and this is also one of the mechanisms of evolution. Realizing it, positive emotions will burst into your life!

We believe that everything in the Universe lives according to certain rules.

This means that by building your life according to the rules of the Universe, you bring your life into unison with the entire Universe. Your life becomes effective, wonderful and wonderful. There are many rules in the universe, from evolutionary to global rules, which we can study here on Earth. These rules are global and work in physics, chemistry, geometry, and in our everyday life. Universal religion is engaged in the study and drafting of these rules.