ecumenical religion that this is


What is that?

The universal religion is a religion not about God, it is about human. Religion where you are not a slave, not a servant, but a part of a huge primeval universe. The universal religion is guided by the oldest rules of the universe, which are already 14 billion years old.

All life in the universe is built according to the same rules. The Universe is created according to them, the Universe lives according to them and will live according to these rules. The rules of the universe are not drawn in old books, they are drawn above your head, in the starry sky. The rules of the universe were not handed down as stories from generation to generation, these rules are in our DNA, in our cells, these rules are our nature.

How does the Universal Religion help?

Living by the rules of the Universe means to exist in union with it, in harmony. You can come up with other rules, humanity has done this more than once, but it didn’t lead to anything good. War, bloodshed, poverty, hunger, violence – this is the result of the fact that a person rejects the rules of the universe.
Happiness, health, success, joy – this is what the Universe has prepared for a person who obeys global cosmic laws. A successful career, a healthy emotional state, pleasure, a happy family – this is what the Universe has prepared for each of us. Good friends, bright relationships, achievements in life – all of this is what the Universal religion is all about.

Every day more and more people get to know the Universe and choose the Universal religion as their mentor, assistant, friend. Young people find support in the universe, adults find a stable future in the universe. Older people find what they need: youth and strength.

This is not just a religion, but also a science.

The Universal religion is at the forefront of modern, progressive society. It will always be on the crest of a wave, because the Universal Religion does not reject scientific progress, the development of society, evolution and obeys global rules that have existed for 14 billion years and will always exist as long as the Universe exists.

Every day more and more people are letting the Universe into their lives, making a big step towards their personal happiness. After all, the Universe created you in order for you to be happy. And we are all grateful to her for this and we say: “Praise the Universe!”.

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